Meghan McCarthy announced for Bronycon

Master Of Chaos by *Killryde

BronyCon is pleased to announce that MEGHAN MCCARTHY, long-time episode writer and showrunner of the upcoming season 3, will be joining us at BronyCon Summer 2012! Not only has she written many of our favorite episodes of Friendship is Magic (“Dragonshy”, “Lesson Zero”, and “A Canterlot Wedding”, to name a few), but also the lyrics to some of the best songs (“Becoming Popular”, “The Perfect Stallion”, and Pinkie’s “Cupcake Song”, to name but another few!) Join her for a perfect day alongside her fellow writers Amy Keating Rogers and Lauren Faust — and all the other great guests coming to BronyCon!

Find out more at or email with any questions. Hope to see you there! 

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