Lightning Dust by GamibriBolinho

Lightning Dust by GamibriBolinho

Meghan McCarthy has been interviewed by John “Spartan” Nguyan of Nerd Reactor.

The interviewer opens with an apology for not being properly prepared for the interview, but apart from his referring to “a convention dedicated to MLP”—Which one of the several dozen?—he did a good job anyway.

Wow, so My Little Pony is already on its third season. What are some new things compared to the previous two seasons?

The expanding of Equestria where the show takes place. Twilight Sparkle has been in Ponyville for a while, so we’re going to see her journey get further and deeper.

They talk about inspirations, quality, and writing in general.

What would be your selling point for non-fans of the show?

I think in general if you’re a big animation fan, the show is great looking. I think with each season, it takes animation to a new level that you don’t see on TV very often. It’s just really solid storytelling, and that’s what we’re aiming for. You just feel good when you watch it. It’s not cynical and it doesn’t have a bunch of characters yelling at each other. It’s characters that you get invested in really quickly, seeing them overcome their flaws to reach their goals. And it’s got the catchy music that’s fun to listen to on the show, and it’s fun to hear what the bronies do with it afterwards.

Definitely worth a read.

  • Anonymous

    >Twilight Sparkle has been in Ponyville for a while, so we’re going to see her journey get further and deeper.

    Ugh. Here comes Twilicorn…

    • Ponichaeism

      Lauren Faust left to help her husband with his new show. End of story. She wasn’t fired for trying to stick it to Hasbro or anything.

      Believe it or not, the show can still be as good now that she’s not involved in it. She even said so herself.

      • Anonymous

        Who said anything about Faust? What are you on about?

        • Ponichaeism

          Now that Lauren Faust isn’t a producer anymore, there are die-hard loyalists complaining that Meghan McCarthy’s some kind of inept corporate shill who does nothing but pander to fans and cater to Hasbro, and that she’s sending the show into some kind of downward spiral.

          • Articulous

            Yo you’re a fucking retard bro

          • Anonymous

            are they even watching? the show has literally only gotten better.

          • Ponichaeism

            @Anonymous: It doesn’t matter to these kinds of fans. They’re pre-judging it based on Lauren Faust’s absence. They can’t allow themselves to enjoy it, because that would mean her leaving didn’t affect the show’s quality. With the way the fandom idolized her, it’s no wonder it happened this way. Now poor Meghan McCarthy has to be a scapegoat for everything “wrong” (i.e. what these fans don’t like) about the show now.

            The same thing happened to Buffy the Vampire Slayer after Joss Whedon took a sabbatical to get Firefly off the ground. Loyalists started complaining about Marti Noxon’s “obsession” with shipping Buffy and Spike and that she was ruining the show by using it to work through her “issues”, apparently unaware Whedon himself approved those storylines.

            Pop culture fandom, like any other (quasi-)religious movement, has its share of fanatics. And as you can see by Articulous, some of them aren’t exactly the sharpest (or most eloquent) tools in the shed.