Merch Rumors

So these are products that we haven’t seen out on the market yet and are still being designed or prototyped.

First Topdraw Animation, one of the production companies for FiM, has a project called “My Little Pony DVD.” It’s to be finished on December 21, so it’s something that we haven’t seen yet, and it’s 66 minutes long. So this could be a for-DVD movie or special episode. I normally don’t talk about news about the show, but since DVDs are merchandise, this is something I’ll talk about.

[Source: EqD]

Next is a survey sizing up demand for potential products. Build-A-Bear is asking parents who their favorite FiM characters are, listing the mane 6, Spike, and Celestia.

build a bear survey

Build-A-Bear has sold lots of licensed merchandise in the past, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell these. Prepare to shell out $20-30 per doll and to go through the ritual of making one. And don’t forget to buy them some clothes horse horse clothes, too! Because you can’t have a naked stuffed animal, Build-A-Bear wants you to believe. Toy lines usually comes with clothes and accessories for you to buy, too, and sometimes specific voice boxes to make your character talk. So however much new product they decide to make depends on how much people are willing to buy, hence the survey.


  • That would be awesome if they had an MLP doll you could make at Build-A-Bear! Hopefully it’s better looking than the ones that Hasbro is trying to sell.

    Then again, I have the courage of going down the Pony aisle at Toys R Us or Walmart, but going in to build a stuffed pony doll would be a bit over the line for me ><