For our foreign friends in Central America, if you’re looking for ponies, Costa Rica is hoarding them.  Apparently found at a local mall, a mixture of G4 and G3.5, including creepy sea ponies.  The above item is Rarity and her pimp mobile that even comes with a cardboard cut out of Twilight.

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Submission by M. Sanchez

I can’t tell if this Sweetie Belle is a G4 or a G3.5 in someone’s box, but I’m not good at this.  Judging from the package, G4 (feel free to correct me).

A G3.5 Rainbow Dash… a sea pony…..apparently their anus is on the front.

And then shrimp version of Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo and Cherilee.  Don’t try and deep fry them, results may vary.

  • Finley

    What is this Evil burn it with fire's.

  • Anonymous

    Love Rarity and Sweetie Bell. However, the other two look like train wrecks. Seriously, those sea ponies look like G1 rip offs.

  • derpymaths

    dashie would be friggen choked if she saw that