Merchandise Spotlight – EvilSugar & Brainbread

I originally had these setup for “Arts & Craft Wrap Up” but then realized that most of the plushies that had been featured on EqD are actually two people, so I felt this would work out better as its own post, rather than for the wrap up.  So here we go.
Above and below is the work of Brainbread, who has made a Fluttershy and Luna plushies which are just adorable.  Fluttershy is damn cute, and BB is aware the eyes come off creepy to some (as said many times in the EqD comments), but its hard to translate graphical artwork into cloth.  It kind of makes me think of the Tails Doll in the Sonic Fandom (look it up).
Luna is the best though, in my opinion.  I love the stitch work and wing design.
BB also has other plushies hidden on the dA site that I’m not sure were featured or not.
Flora!  The rarely used background pony.
Rainbow Dash (still loving that yarn hair style).
And then we have EvilSugar with her designs, two I know have been featured on EqD (RD and NNM).  But this is some excellent work.
And Rarity who I think I do remember seeing featured awhile ago.  It seems EvilSugar’s work are commissions, so you might be able to offer money and get a plushie, but check the dA page out before e-mailing her (I didn’t research that deep into it).
Keep up the awesome work (and for god sakes somebody make me a Derpy Plushie to hug at night).
And I leave you with this Trixie plushie.  Author wanted to remain unknown so there isn’t a flood of commissions coming in.

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