Derpy vs Modle
by ~shepherd0821

Since the fall season is closing in on us, things are starting to ramp up on the official pony merchandise of things. For the moment we’ll be compiling them into a weekly merchandise post to keep collectors and such informed of what is going down.

FiM Favorite Collection featuring Nightmare Moon

First up we have the Favorite Collections package that is being found at Toys R Us (TRU). We saw these guys way back in February during Hasbro’s Toy Fair in NYC, and as you can see from the picture (click for hi res) this is the package that includes fan favorite Vinyl Scratch. We’re also lacked a Nightmare Moon, Luna has been around but not her evil alter ego.

If you have pre-ordered these toys from TRU’s website, you will get an e-mail alerting you to when they have shipped. These seem to be a very popular item and TRU is having some issue keeping them in stock via your local store, so be alert if you run to TRU to check out the toys, you may not find these here. Though according to the MLPG4Merch Tumblr, Whitelestia is haunting the shelves and being very unpopular.

Also check the bottom of the article for those who have pre-ordered this or Zecora.

More New Blind Bags Found On eBay

Last Week a Fancy Pants blind bag was discovered, and the follow along those lines in the past week Photo Finish has cropped up. I have to admit at someone who isn’t fully into the merchandise that the newer blind bags are making me interested, namely because its not just the Mane 6 with their 30 recolored cousins. The newer bags are including such figures as Fancy Pants, Photo Finish, and even Gilda. These are appearing on eBay, so more or less if you want one, you are going to have to do some hunting. I suggest outside of eBay to check places like Amazon and ToyWiz as people are selling these out of their bags and individually.

Hot Topic to start riots, SDCC Derpy Giveaway Contest

Hot Topic being the popularity band wagon invaders that they are, apparently are going to be holding a contest to give away the SDCC Derpy figures. Unfortunately there isn’t much information on this outside of what was submitted to Equestria Daily today via Justin who came across the poster at their local mall. According to him they were “getting ready to launch”, so if you happen to have a Hot Topic near you, they may not be doing this just yet. But if you are one who has been seeking the elusive SDCC Derpy, here’s a chance to get one.

Outside of Hot Topic about the only place you’re going to find her is on eBay, where price gouging is king. A quick look reveals that at the moment the highest in the “buy it now” area for SDCC Derpy on eBay is $197.00, though followed by both SDCC Derpy and Zecora for a buy it now of $170.00 right below it. The lowest is $89.99 which isn’t overly bad, but still too much for my blood (considering my dinner typically consists of beans cooked in their can over a camp fire). Of course you can also attempt to win a bid, lowest one seems to be $49.99 with about 11 people fighting.

Zecora & Collector Pack Pre-Orders from TRU Oversold

Not sure if oversold is the correct term to use, but it seems that TRU is having problems keeping up with demand for the product. People who have pre-ordered the Zecora figure or the Collector’s Pack seen above are starting to get e-mails from the company about their pre-order. To quote the letter:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for placing your recent order with us.

We wanted to inform you that there is a delay in fulfilling the item listed below in your order. Please accept our apologies for this delay.

At this time we do not have a ship date for the item. If you choose to wait for the item to ship, you do not need to contact us, and we will continue to process and ship your order as soon as we can. Please note, your credit card will not be charged for the item until the order is shipped.

[Either Zecora or the Collector’s Pack information and your order number]

If you would like us to cancel your order, please call our Customer Service department at 1-800-869-7787, and we will be happy to promptly provide you with a full refund.

30-Day Policy
If the item(s) is not shipped by 09/12/2012 the item will be automatically cancelled and your credit card will not be charged, and/or your money will be refunded.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay.


The Guest Service Team and

So beware of that, and that if you go to a TRU store that the items are possibly not going to be there. In the end I guess its a good thing, as Hasbro does like its money and these things seem to be a hot sale.

[Source: MLPG4Merch Tumblr]

  • Chromadancer

    My NMM pack got a confirmation email this morning saying that it’s processing, but I haven’t heard from them on my Zecora yet other than the “delay” email I received not long after pre-ordering it. I do hope that one goes through as well, but if I see a Zecora in meatspace I might pick one up just to be safe.

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