Applebloom by Don-ko

Applebloom by Don-ko

After interviews with such illustrious personages as Nicole Oliver and Tabitha St. Germain earlier this year, the fashion blog 33 avenue Miquelon has now published an exclusive piece featuring Michelle Creber.

Despite the sartorial focus of the blog, the interview touches on fashion styles only briefly and that in a way that neatly complements its characterization of Michelle Creber as a devoted and versatile actress. Having read the interview, I am tempted to write “devoted but versatile,” since her versatility seems to go beyond acting, but then again I am probably giving too little credit to the wide range of life experiences as building blocks of skillful acting.

Aside from being a triple threat and a voiceover artist, what other talents do you possess?

Creber: As much as I live and breathe for acting, singing and dancing, I am also very passionate about sports and playing instruments, e.g. skating, hockey, biking, piano, drums, guitar, and tons more. I also love writing stories, writing songs, cooking, painting, drawing and crafts!

Head over there to read the full interview.

  • Thank you so much for being first out of the gate with this! I’m happy you enjoyed this profile of Ms. Creber as much as I enjoyed communicating with her and her mother, who helped put everything together. :)

    • Thank you for all the work in organizing this!