Michelle Creber Interviewed by The MBS Show

The MBS ShowOn October 20, The MBS Show, produced by Malaysian bronies, conducted an almost 1:30-hour interview with Michelle Creber and her mother. Listen to it after the break. Thanks to Equestria Daily for the heads-up.

Our host Norman Sanzo, Daniel Anthony and Tash Irina will have the privilege to interview a very talented voice actress and singer.

She started acting at a very young age and has even released her own album at the age of 12, she has accomplished so much for someone so young, The MBS Show is very proud to bring you the one and only Michelle Creber the voice actress for Apple Bloom and singing voice for Sweetie Belle.

You can get the digital copy of Michelle Creber’s album “Timeless: Songs of a Century” at cdbaby.com/artist/MichelleCreber and you can also get a signed autograph CD at michellecreber.com.

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