Michelle Creber to attend BUCK 2013


BUCK is proud to bring you another very special announcement! Joining us in Manchester this August will be the multi-talented Michelle Creber!

As well as the voice of Apple Bloom, Michelle also sings for both Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. She has also been the voice of Alice in Martha Speaks, and appeared in numerous live-action TV films and series.

She is also well known for her singing career, having released two solo albums, and numerous live song-cast sets with Everfree Radio.

Michelle will be performing live in BUCK’s Lunar Eclipse music concert on Saturday, and will also performing some very special collaborations with Acoustic Brony and The Living Tombstone on Friday night’s Summer Sun Celebration!

You’ll also have a chance to acquire autographs and purchase her latest album Timeless: Songs of a Century at both the Summer Sun Celebration on Friday and the BUCK Convention on Saturday and Sunday.


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