Mid-Week Catchup

YouTube Video Takedown

As predicted here the youtube video takedown of last week was trolls.  We had reported on Menlo’s account, but Masterlinkx account along with two others had also been taken down.  The image of Masterlinkx account was posted on EqD a day or so ago, as the copyright claimant was Habsro Inc, so if it was Hasbro, someone was drunk and misspelled their own name.  Sadly though this event caused a major backlash at Hasbro, when it was believed to be them removing the videos.
Hot Topic T-Shirt Thievery

MegaSweet has heard back from the suits at Hot Topic.  As reported earlier, a t-shirt design appeared on their shelves using artwork that MS had created, but not submitted.  Turns out someone else submitted the design as their own.  But as HT wrote back…
So we wrote the other artist and got him to send his original file.  Its possible he used yours, the date of his file is after yours.

After looking at it internally, we agree its similar enough to question.  We are going to remove his design from our contest.

We would be  happy to compensate you for your design for use on shirts.  Also if you would like to consider a group package, we would probably want to buy Apple Jack, Pinkie, Twilight to start with.  If your interested, we could work with you on other designs for My Little Pony, as well as Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, etc if your interested.

Compensation because I’m sure HT has already been printing the shirts (thus saving them money), and an offer of more money, I call that a win win.
Ponies do Saturday

And as confirmed by Spazz a few articles below, and of course EqD, the new season date has been set at Saturday, September 17th.  Time is not confirmed, I’ve heard 9am EST or 9:30am EST, but either way they are in the morning.  People are split on this, namely because Saturday equates to most people getting to sleep in.  Personally just think of it as reliving Saturday Morning cartoons, buy some cereal and watch ponies. Or of course if you’re lucky, the video will be online by the time you awaken.

There’s a counter now at the top of the news feed (no, it isn’t animated) thanks to PonyCountDown.com.  Some might not remember this site, but basically a giant countdown clock, was of course used to countdown to each episode, but now ticks like the doomsday clock to 9/17.

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