Mike Vogel Interviewed by USA Today

USA Today just published an excerpt from a longer interview with Hasbro Studios vice president of development Mike Vogel. The full interview was published in print in the USA Today Guide to Kids’ Health. (Can someone scan that?)

Here a small excerptception:

What is the one thing that happens in the writing and development of the show that would surprise some viewers?

We have had very long meetings where we argue about things like what exactly might happen if a pony were to make fun of a Pegasus that can’t fly. That may seem silly, but part of what makes the show so popular is the simplicity of the message. Everyone from Hasbro executives to the writers, directors, storyboard artists and everyone else are just as obsessively in love with the show as the most hard-core fans.

This is probably related to the hints about the Scootaloo episode that were revealed at San Diego Comic-Con.

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