Shout! Factory’s 3rd pony DVD, Adventures in the Crystal Empire, showed up for preorder on amazon recently, with the preorder price being $10.48 USD marked down from $14.97. There’s currently no information listed on the page other than the cover, the runtime being 120 mintutes, and the release date, December 4th. The DVD is NTSC Region 1, which means it’s only usable on U.S. and Canada DVD players without some fiddling with hardware settings. Since the cover could be construed as spoilerish, it’s posted after the page break.

[Source: EQD/Longneck 626]

Interestingly, if you’ll look closely, Twilight’s, Rainbow Dash’s, Applejack’s and Fluttershy’s white spots in their pupils are crystal-shaped and polygonal, instead of the normal round shape. Possible plot element? We’ll just have to wait and find out.