The Minty prototype that’s been floating around in various versions for years is finally coming out.

Oak23 on tumblr found these two packaging images. This is mostly re-releases ,with Princess Celestia, Nightmare Moon (from last summer’s Fan Favorites pack), Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Dewdrop Dazzle (from wave 2) and a quadraped spike. Minty is the only “new” pony in this pack.

tumblr_mrvy34qYKt1qeq8xmo2_r1_1280The pack also comes with some random accessories and hair clips. The two Celestia mold ponies come with dresses as well.

As the packaging is multilingual, it’s possible that this might be a Euro-exclusive pack. Right now there’s no word besides these two images.


  • Carolina A Leo

    Is in English, Canadian French and Latin American Spanish. Possibly, it will be a Latin American exclusive set. The European FiM toys have 18 languages in the ponies descriptions.