MLD: Episode 7 Post-Show

Tonight’s episode of The My Little Dashie show features Mic the Microphone and a possible guest appearance by Jackleapp. The show starts at the standard time of 9pm EST (-5:00 GMT).

The Livestream Channel:
Brony Dance Party’s Stream:
Celestia Radio:

Post-Show Update: A summary of the events, after the break and the show!

The show opened, as it is becoming our tradition, with noting the various technical difficulties that the show has been experiencing over the last few runs. There’s a lot of appreciation to everyone who works hard to make this show work, and the loyalty of the fans who stick by even when these things happen.

The show kicked off with asking knightly, the proprieter of, various inquiries about the site. The site went up in July, and started around 3K in views. The site roughly doubled in size monthly, and arrived at the roughly 500K views daily *verify* that it has been maintaing for some time. The site hit 1M words a day, as well. The site itself was built in visual study and eclipse, and chrome inspector. He was asked and responded that his favorite story on the site is ‘Romance Reports’. His real passion, when asked, was real-time rendering.

~ It turns out as well that DerpySquad’s eyes are derpy, which is why he never looks knighty in the eyes when they are making love. ~

Joe then jumped in and announced that Derpy was mentioned on Know Your Meme(TM), as part of the explanation of the phenomenon known as ‘Derp’. Heartfire then announced his status as a monogomus homosexual lover, which semi-lead into the next somewhat lengthy discussion. For those who missed it, you may want to check out the show recording, but the short of it was a very thoughtful consideration of the sentiment of homophobia within the community.

Mic the Microphone then joined us at roughly 5 of 10pm, dashing home in a hurry to make it into the skype call, at which point SFW status was shot to hell. He started off with a lovely rendition of ‘My Best Friend Plank’, before getting into interview questions from the livestream chats. Notibly was his dive into the fandom, which resulted from being cut off from the internet, and having nothing better to do than watching the show on his cell phone. He then went into detail about his history of being involved in singing in general.

As it seems to be with most people I’ve asked, Mic is also a Nutella enthusiest.

The livestream cut out short of us finishing propper, however the Celestia Radio stream ended at the planned time.

*To those following my show summaries, I apologize profusely at this being so late. 8’s summary should be up in the next couple of days. Make sure to be around for the show next Monday!

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