MLP: CCG Friday Night Friendship, The Solar Winds Loop

Solar Winds, Enterprising Astronomer

Solar Winds, Enterprising Astronomer, Provided by Ponyhead

Welcome to another edition of Friday Night Friendship! Tonight I’m going to go over a combo recently pointed out by Krysto, a fellow volunteer for events, and what this might mean for future game play. This and more after the break!

First off, Those unfamiliar with the game, here’s a quick rundown of which I’ll go in depth in another article later. Basically you and your opponent solve problems to get points, some problems offer more points than others and the first to get to 15 points wins. you can do certain things to help or hinder any sort of progression, but the basics of the game are as such; You start with a “Mane Character” currently consisting of one of the Mane 6, a 45 minimum card draw deck, a 10 card “Problem” deck, with at least one problem being a “Starting Problem”.

I Need Answers

I Need Answers provided by Ponyhead

Onward to the meat and potatoes. First off let’s set up our hypothetical situation. Say we just flipped the problem card “I Need Answers” (above). It says “During your Main Phase, players may dismiss one of their Friends here to gain (1).” the (1) refers to Action Tokens. The Action Tokens are the resource you need to play cards. Specifically, the one we want to play TO this problem is Solar Wind, Enterprising Astronomer. More specifically we want to play TWO of him to this problem.

Solar Wind, Enterprising Astronomer

Solar Wind, Enterprising Astronomer provided by Ponyhead

Solar wind here, only costs 1 Action token, but has a requirement of one other blue character on the field. For now, We’ll say we have met the blue requirement. Now We have something here, we play one Solar Wind to “I Need answers”, and then we play the second Solar Wind to the same problem.  Solar Wind says “When you play a (Pegasus) Friend to this card’s Problem, you may exhaust this card. if you do, gain (1)”  So we Exhaust the first Solar Wind we played. this gets us an additional 1 Action Token. Exhausting means that it’s power can’t be contributed towards the problem, nor can it use any abilities that require it to not be exhausted. This is where it get’s interesting.

Boosted Applejack Mane Character provided by Ponyhead

Boosted Applejack Mane Character provided by Ponyhead

Any Mane Character starts off on it’s “Start” side, and you have to meet a requirement to get it to flip to it’s ‘Boosted” side.  So say we have this fine mare as our ‘Mane Character’, already boosted and what not. She has an ability that says ” When one of your Friends with this card at home or at a Problem is dismissed, you may put it on the top of your deck.”  Barring the odd wording, she basically says “If a Friend is dismissed, put it on top of your deck.”  Now, we dismiss the exhausted Solar winds at :I Need answers, use AJ’s ability to put him on top of our deck. so now, we have 2 Action Tokens left thanks to this. 


Since we are still in our Main Phase, we can do a number of things. the one we WANT to do is Draw a card. so we spend 1 Action Token to do so. Oh look! Solar Winds! What ever can we do with him?  Spend our last Action Token to play him of course! We’ll play him directly to “I Need Answers” once again, and exhaust the other Solar Winds we had there previously… and then Dismiss him! Back on top of the deck he goes with AJ’s help. Oh look, 2 more Action Tokens again!  Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

As of right now, this is still a fully legal operation, confirmed with Rob “Cups” Broughton and Trevor McGregor Developers of the MLP: CCG.  Currently there isn’t really anything to benefit from it, however it is something to be aware of when Set 2 comes out, rumored to be released in late March early April 2014!

-Happy Gaming, Periwinkle


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