I'm so hype right now, you wouldn't believe it.

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Shoryuken.com just released the lineup for Evolution 2013, basically known as the largest fighting game tournament in the world.  To pick the eighth game in their lineup, they’re holding a donation drive for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation; the game with the most money raised joins the lineup.  Fighting is Magic is one of those games in the running, along with such titles as Skullgirls and Dead or Alive 5.  Find the lineup announcement page here, and click the image above to donate to both seeing Fighting is Magic at EVO 2013 and for breast cancer research.

Granted, it may be pulled from the running. We’ll have to see, considering the game technically isn’t finished yet, coupled with recent happenings regarding C&D orders.

[Update 1/9]  Mane6, the developers of Fighting is Magic, have released a statement regarding the matter.