Thanks to Mr. Chordash who also gave us some of the other insider details about the upcoming McDonalds Toys, here is a preview of the first four to reach his store. The one thing I did not catch is that they are slightly different this year. The ones sold last year had a comb that acted as a base for the pony to stand in. Seems this year they are kind of “keyring” style, as the comb acts as a handle when you clip it to their head. I can foresee some people might not like this, as you can see from the pictures, they now have brain tumors growing out of their skulls…

Further detail from Mr. Chordash (via the comments on this article) says the promotion for the toys starts March 9th for US and Canada, and starts with Pinkie Pie & Rarity. For people outside of the US/Canada, you can check out this thread on where Mr. Chordash is helping people outside of the US/Canada get their hands on some McD ponies.

  • Anonymous

    I went to MD today looking for these. I’ve been hearing that they were out at some places. After an awkward conversation with someone I used to go to school with they finally told me that they didn’t have any. So all I got was a shitty cat with my chiken nuggets. =/

    • Release dates are going to vary sadly, these pictures are coming from a McD employee, so at the moment they’re getting the shipments in. I think March 5th was the general date given for at least one location, but best left to say “check your local McD for release date.

      • The offical start is Friday March 9th. This is also only for Canada and the United States. By the start of the promotion, most stores should have the first 6 toys in stock. Now I say in stock but really that just means they will have it in the back. What they hand out front (If the follow the rules) Will be toys 1 & 2 which is Pinkie Pie and Rarity.

        If you happen to live outside the US or Canada, you could look at this option.

        • Coolio, just updated the article with that information, and pointed out the thread helping the foreign fans get their hands on the toys. One question you might know about, last year when they did this, there was “promotional sets” you could buy, apparently something reserved for toy collectors and such, basically you talked to the manager and could purchase the entire lot from them. I can’t remember if this was true or not, and or if its still available.

          • As for “promotional sets” for collectors, I never heard of any such thing to be honest. As for what my store manager and I have agreed to, is that since I bought in bulk, they would offer each toy for $1.07 as opposed to the regular price of $2.02. It also helps ease the burden on people since shipping is an aditional cost.

  • Julian (AppleJackFan)

    Wait, if I go to McDonald’s March 5, which is when they get shipments of Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Twilight Sparkle, will I be able to get the toys or would I have to wait for March 9th.

    • Friday March 9th is when they start distributing the toys. Forget about the fact that most stores will have the first 6 toys by launch. Unless you are able to ask them kindly to get them to go to the back and open up the cases for new toys, you are just going to have to check back frequently to see if they stocked the new toys up front.

  • Supertide

    Too bad they have those hooks on their heads.

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