Why Can't I Hold All These Lyras? by *bibliodragon

And then it all went downhill when someone found a dodge ball.

If you have not heard and are one of the many fans who download via iTunes, you can now download them in 1080p now. For people with season pass or previous purchases, you should be able to go into the itunes system folder and delete the files (copy them just in case), you should be able to download them again. I know a few people did this back when we were checking The Last Roundup (I don’t have itunes). That is all.

  • Spazz

    Welp, guess I’m out of a job. :v

  • plaster


  • Anonymous

    My hard drive is already filled to the max with 720p ponies! But I can’t *not* have ponies in raw 1080p! And not that tv-rip low quality 1080p! Ugh, time to buy another external HDD it seems…

  • Nyxilis

    Massive redownload blarg. Oh well, still got the vintage Last Round Up tucked away. :D

  • Anonymous

    If there was only a 7680×4320 version.