MLP KeyChains

Now available from Kanti, MLP:FiM Keychains!  I see EqD already had this up on their page, but oh well, if you submit, I will post.  Kanti has an indie merchant shop going and features multiple keyrings, such as the Derpy above (EqD used my second choice, Psycho Pinkie).  The shop features all of the cast members, a few multiples and of course the more well liked background ponies.  I’d grab one as I am looking for a keychain for my motorcycle, but I’d probably get beat for having a heart shape keyring.  Need some regular round ones!  But definitely awesome, you can go order them over here….

Kanti’s Cute Store (Etsy)

Kanti’s dA

Derpy Hooves Keyring on dA

  • Sheepdog

    I'd love to have a Derpy key fob too, but would rather not have to explain it's shape.

    I ride too! What kind of bike do you ride?

  • Church

    Hate to tell you, but the heart shape is going to be the least of your problems.

    (Need to get a Derpy keyring. Frak the haters.)