Christmas card deliveryby ~lazyperson202

Christmas card delivery
by ~lazyperson202

The official MLP twitter yesterday announced that episodes will now be available for Google Play, giving people who aren’t an Apple user a new way to obtain digital episodes. Though currently a quick check with my own android phone didn’t bring up any episodes at this time, and it is unknown if Goole Play for other countries will be carrying the episodes. So in general keep your eyes peeled.


Also The Hub announced today that it will be running a special marathon during New Years Eve and New Years Day. Of course included in this marathon is My Little Pony, which will air 10 back to back episodes starting January 1st @ 11am EST and of course ending at 4pm. A quick check of Zap2It’s listings shows that most of these episodes will be Season 3. Afterwards will be the Hub Family Movie marathon that will feature Open Season (4pm), Ice Age (6pm), and The Nightmare Before Christmas (8pm).

The schedule for ponies goes: A Canterlot Wedding (Part 1 & 2), The Crystal Empire (Part 1 & 2), Too Many Pinkie Pies, One Bad Apple, Magic Duel, Sleepless in Ponyville, Wonderbolt Academy and Apple Family Reunion.

Unrelated to ponies but since I know there are a ton of Animatiacs fans in the community, the show has been added to The Hub. The series will premiere with a four hour marathon on Christmas Eve from 4pm to 8pm, followed by the holiday themed musical feature film Animaniacs: Wakko’s Wish (8pm ET). The show in general is aimed to have a regular timeslot on Mondays @ 3pm ET, and will begin airing at January 7th. (Zap2it).

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    and…any idea what/when/where exactly they’re putting the Warners? (hub-timeslot-wise…granted they do have plenty of spots where there are already doubles/repeats however I’m just wondering)

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