Map of Equestria (5100 x 3300 Scan by NovalG)

(Updated Monday Morning)

Last Friday several promotional posters for MLP:FiM cropped up in a Walmart somewhere near Pittsburgh, PA. These posters seem to be available free when you are purchasing some pony swag from the store. Three of the posters feature various cast characters, the first poster being a full on cast for Season 2, such as the SDCC exclusive Season 1 poster that was given out last year. The second poster features the antagonists of MLP, from Discord to Queen Chrystalis. And the third is your generic wedding photo of the cast from the Royal Wedding.

So far it seems to be a search, typically massive chain stores like Walmart tend to do things in unison (for god sakes they control the heating and cooling systems of individual stores from one giant central hub), but so far many people have checked their local Walmart and came away empty handed.

NovalG managed to find a set at a Walmart located about 15 minutes from the Walmart that Pixelkitties found hers. Thanks to NovalG who is also providing high resolution scans:

All scans at 5100 x 3300 @ 300 dpi.
Pixelkitties’ scans (and the posters in general) after the page break.

[Original Article August 3rd]

It seems Walmart suddenly has several official MLP posters hanging out near a “Pony Power” display found in the toy section. Local community artist Pixelkitties broke the news via twitter, uploading pictures of what is available.

There are currently four posters available, the first probably being the most interesting is what seems to be the first official map of Equestria. Seen below they’ve also produced a Season 2 Cast Post, much like the one that was handed out at SDCC last year. In addition to those two, there are two more, a Season 2 Villain Poster featuring all the antagonists of both Season 1 and Season 2, and then of course a wedding photo poster of the Royal Wedding.

Its hard to say if these are going to be found at all Walmarts, if I’m not mistaken Pixelkitties is a resident of PA but in general Walmart puts out their merchandise at the same time. So check your local Walmart.

UPDATE: According to My Little Pony G4 blog on Tumblr (merchandise blog), these posters are being handed out free with purchase of a pony related item. Also due to countless requests, Pixelkitties has scanned the map of Equestria, a hi res version can be found by clicking the map image at the top of the article.

  • Spaghet

    Nice, he even got the Big Lebowski ponies in the second poster.

  • Hawaii Brony

    Sweet, now I can have the season two character roster one as an actual post too. It’s already my current wallpaper on the desktop. =3

  • Anonymous

    I found Derpy in the mane cast poster!

    • tripfly

      ditzy doo*

  • I would yearn to get my hands on a poster online.

  • filledwithsolutions

    Went to three walmarts, no blind bags, no lyra, no posters. One had ride along ponies marked down to $5 from $9 so I got two of those

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  • G. Rumsey

    Nothing has surface yet in N. Central FL area.

  • Tay

    Sadly no posters have shown up in Texas