In this episode, Twilight is set to visit a group of foals from Cheerilee’s class in the hospital who have come down with horse hives. Her schedule is jam-packed, and enter Princess Cadance and Shining Armor with Flurry Heart. The ragged royal couple ask Twilight if she can watch her for a few hours while they visit a friend and his pop-up art gallery. The “Best Aunt Ever” agrees despite the probability that it will throw a monkey wrench into her schedule.

Wherever Twilight went on her schedule, Flurry Heart creates mischief. At the toy store, at the school, at Sugarcube Corner, and then things come to a head at the hospital when she loses her snail Whammy and she goes all over the hospital looking for it. Her mischief finally causes Twilight to snap at her to stop. Flurry Heart cries, Twilight apologizes for neglecting her, and they spend the rest of the day playing together.

All the while, Cadance and Shining Armor are being reminded more and more of their daughter and how much they miss her. They go back to Twilight’s castle and find Twilight and Flurry Heart having fun. Cadance and Shining Armor learn the lesson that they should give Twilight more advance time if they need a babysitter while Twilight learns the lesson about quality time over quantity of time.

This was a good episode, though there are some issues to be had here. More than one person will point out that Twilight should have delegated more of the tasks to Spike. Spike is on song here in this episode trying to get Twilight to stay on track. It was actually nice to show how sometimes Flurry Heart can run her parents ragged, but also remind them of how much they love her. There are also a few minor inconsistencies with Flurry Heart where she shows intelligence beyond her years at times and acts like a typical baby at other times (i.e. the split pea scene).

But like I said, this was a good episode with two good lessons, though one of the conflicts could have been easily solved by delegating more responsibility to Spike.

Post Episode Notes:

  • Some character development for Cadance and Shining Armor
  • Two good lessons for both babysitter and parents
  • Though one problem could have been solved by delegating tasks to Spike
  • Pinkie’s sad face stamp!
  • G1 shout-out
  • Minor inconsistencies with Flurry Heart’s abilities and intelligence.



  • Raffaele Lanza

    The split pea scene could not be necessarily Flurry acting like a baby, as much as…. her making fool of Twilight. At least for how I can alternatively see it XD. And also I’m not sure if Spike could have handled one of the tasks considering that Twilight’s magic and/or supervision would have been “mandatory”.

    Other than that, I surprisingly ADORED even this episode. As one of the very few people who enjoyed Baby Cakes, I was a bit worried of it being a rehash of BC, but it wasn’t almost at all. Sure it was a babysitting episode, but seen into another point of view. This episode as brought Flurry Hearts in my favorite Ponies tier (when before it she was just…. there) and one thing I really liked, is that Twilight fully realized her own mistake by herself instead of someone else pointing her out, which is something I really like in MLP (one reason I hated The Cart Before the Ponies the last season, is not only the way AJ, RD and Rarity being retarded toward their sisters, but they got worse and worse and worse until the CMCs yelled it to them. In Buckball season instead, AJ and RD realized their mistake by their own).

    In short I liked this episode much more than I thought I would have done it.

    • Shelltoon

      Could you please show me on the doll where The Cart Before the Ponies touched you? You seem to like bringing it up a lot, despite your hatred for it.

      • Raffaele Lanza

        Well let’s say that…. AJ, RD AND RARITY WOULD NEVER ACT LIKE THAT TOWARD THEIR LITTLE SISTERS AT THIS POINT OF THE SERIES. NEVER. Right after the finale, that was the only S6 episode I truly disliked and it was also part of the reason I was so skeptical before the S7 started.

    • JodyMorgan

      I liked “Baby Cakes” as well; it’s not one of my favorites, but I’d rank it as being a standard, entertaining MLP:FiM episode.

  • Graem

    It’s always amusing for me to see “tired new parents” Cadance and Shining Armour. Messed up hair and tired eyes. Love that believable quality the show can choose to have, and I always hope the show shows it when it can. Sibsy used to dig boarding that kind of thing, if I recall correctly. Believable.

    Don’t know how I feel about Pinkie’s “B.R.B.!” but that’s a minor note.

    Also dug how Flurry named her favourite toy “Whammy”. Reminds me of when I was about her age and a little older. Mom and dad told me I apparently liked to listen to my cassette tape music a lot, but I called my music “Meghan.” Nobody ever figured out why. :P

    Unfortunately, I found myself frequently pausing the episode and coming back later. I wasn’t particularly busy. I guess some parts had me a little uncomfortable, but I’ve never been terrific with kids. Cake twins never bothered me, though. Hm.

    Good animation at times on Flurry. Guess they’ve worked some extra rigs?

  • I really enjoyed this episode so much fun but the only thing that bothers me is the inconsistencies with Flurry Hearts magic, I know it’ll take awhile before we know her full potential but some of the spells she was doing shouldn’t have been done by a baby unless he’s an magical prodigy.

    I like seeing Twilight as the baby sitter because even she was caught off guard by Flurry Hearts abilities but the lessons learned make of for it.

    Overall this episodes was an 8/10 for me very enjoyable to watch.

    • I agree with you re: Flurry’s magical abilities, but back in Season 2 Baby Cakes showed that infant unicorns in the MLP universe apparently have wildly unpredictable and overpowered magic… and Flurry’s an alicorn, so I guess it’d make since she’d have even more powerful bursts of magic.

      I kind of like the idea that in FiM babies have these unexplained overpowered abilities which they then apparently lose and have to relearn. Kind of like IRL human newborns, which have certain instincts/reflexes that they lose, like swimming (newborns can hold their breath and swim instinctively up until about 6 months).

      That said I’m not sure if that’s what the writers were actually going for in this episode since they seem to imply Flurry just already knows these powerful spells,
      not that’s it’s random “baby magic,” when Twilight specifically says “That was a very advanced spell for somepony your age. Looks like you’re already taking after your Auntie Twily”, unlike in Baby Cakes where it’s made clear unicorn babies have random bursts of magic, when Rarity says “Baby unicorns get strange magic surges that come and go.”

      Oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯
      Still an enjoyable episode. I pretty much agree with StatManDan’s review, though I might only give it a B.

      • I forgot about Baby Cakes you’re right Pumpkin and Pound showed showed unpredictable magical outbursts and it was pretty cool to see, I don’t why the people give that episode such a hard time. You’re right given she’s a alicorn her magic would be vastly more powerful.

        Flurry being overpowered is definitely a concern of mine but I guess it’s part of her development which is fine I hope in future seasons her powers and abilities will be explored which will be interesting to see.

        I guess it’s the inconsistency but I agree with your overall opinion.