Gather around as we expand on the Legends of Magic comic series, Tales 2-4. It’s the annual Big Sister/Little Sister campout to Winsome Falls. However, their campsite is disrupted by a swarm of fly-ders and the sisters have to retreat inside a cave. There, they start to tell campfire stories to pass the time until the fly-ders move on.

Applejack is first by telling the story of Rockhoof (from Legends of Magic #2) and his origins and how he joined the Mighty Helm. Rockhoof gained his mighty strength by digging a trench to redirect the flow of lava from an erupted volcano to save his village. Apple Bloom was really excited by this tale.

Next up is Rarity and she tells the story of Mistmane (Legends of Magic #3) and how she sacrificed her own beauty to save her kingdom. Finally, after Rainbow Dash prevents the fly-ders from coming into the cave by blocking the entrance, she tells the story of Flash Magnus (Legends of Magic #4) and how he braved past a couple of dragons to rescue a pair of comrades.

After making the best of the situation, the CMC and their respective big sisters take the back route and discover a shortcut to Winsome Falls. That’s a bit contrived, but the rest of this episode was quite fascinating.

Every since Issue #51 of the main series, the direction has been to link much closer to the main series in Season Seven. That apparently holds true with the Legends of Magic series and the ever present world building even at this stage of the series. If you have seen the three issues in question, you at least have an idea of all three. If not, I’ll post after the grade (WARNING: SPOILERS!). But seriously, do read the comics. Some of them could well have been episodes on the show—especially some of the early issues.

The best of the three was the story of Mistmane with the scenery which seems to inspired from Ancient Japan as well as the Double Dragon battle between Mistmane and Sable Spirit.

Overall, this was a pleasant episode, as these flashbacks to a different usually are, and a nice tie-in to the comics which was promised just prior to the start of Season Seven.



WARNING: COMIC SPOILERS BELOW! If you do not wish to be spoiled by the synopses of these comics, look away now.

LEGENDS OF MAGIC #2 (Rockhoof): Rockhoof is part of the Mighty Helm, but now has to work to get back into shape after having too much fun on nights out with his friends after the first day.

LEGENDS OF MAGIC #3 (Mistmane): Mistmane helps Princess Luna with a conflict with the forest animals as she and Celestia build their new castle.

LEGENDS OF MAGIC #4 (Flash Magnus): Instead of battling dragons, Flash is out to save a village of griffons from a huge storm.

  • Raffaele Lanza

    A- or B+ is the rating this episode deserves. Honestly I expected this episode being an A+ before watching it, but Rockhoof’s story was very weak and heavely damaged the episode to me. The rest of the episode was fantastic but I was very frustrated because the Rockhoof’s story prevented it from being one of the S7 best…

    • aldo curiel

      I respectfully disagree. It gets 10 points of the BADASS-I-TUDE METER! MAY THE LEGENDS LAST FOREVER!

    • aldo curiel

      Can’t just forgive it just for jow awesome it was the way he saved the village from the lava? What if there were Gods who granted him this strengh as a gift of selfesness and determination? It was good!

      • Raffaele Lanza

        Which gods?

        • aldo curiel

          The Norse Mythology gods. Or should I say ‘Horse Mythology’? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Get it? Horse-Norse!

          • Raffaele Lanza

            Look, I know that you want to help me, but I just prefer to stay in my way. I just didn’t like the story of Rockhoof, and I found it the lowest point of the season so far (and, without exagerrating, it was another thing that convinced me about the imminent drop in quality of this series, soon enough. Despite the S7 is turning out fantastic, my will of quitting after it and the Movie because of the fear of it suffering of the Simpsons syndrome grows every day…. ). And again, I still liked the episode because the other two stories and the bonding between the sisters, but the Rockhoof story was just a big penalty to me.

  • Lemin

    This is China, not Japan.

  • Wonderful episode definitely deserved the grade you gave it.