Remember that Friendship Journal and that Twilight hoped that one day other ponies could learn from her and the Mane Six. Well, that day came in this episode and if “Slice of Life” was a thank you to the fans, this episode is somewhere between a “Take That” and “WTF” to certain parts of the fandom (including those who review the show).

Where to even begin with this? There were critiques about how Fluttershy was learning the same lesson over and over (back in Season Four) and Fluttershy going to great lengths to show how more confident she’s become in this Season Seven episode. There was a critique about how “Twilight was better without wings” which I suppose was a shout-out to those who are so “Quibble Pants” about everything since “Magical Mystery Cure”. Of course, this episode was written by MA Larson–more than two years after he wrote his last episode, “Amending Fences”.

It seems there is a great deal of frustration in ponies (and fans of the show) who do not make an attempt to learn from the friendship lesson and descend into petty arguments such as who is best pony and other critiques of the show. Worse, the crowd outside the castle are still going at it by the episode’s end. The other lesson in this is a good one in that you can change how you deal with these things and you can take solace with those who do take the friendship lessons to heart as Starlight showed with Toola-Roola and Coconut Cream.

So yes, there will be many mixed reactions to this episode, and this episode aired during the weekend of BronyCon (which is likely a coincidence). My reaction is that it’s an okay episode, but left too many things out there like how Rarity is getting neg-repped via cancelled orders and the other ponies in the worst they have behaved perhaps ever in the series. The song was appropriate and the secondary lesson of how to deal with harsh (and sometimes unwarranted) criticism is one the show staff could use as well. At the same time, and this is something I have touched upon before, some fans could do well to actually apply the friendship lessons themselves rather than get into petty arguments like the ones seen here in this episode.

There are lessons for all of us here, and sometimes they can be pretty harsh as they were here.



  • Anonymous

    I think that’s an episode that takes an equal opportunity to criticize authors. The mane 6 took the comments way too much to their heart crippling themselves. Twilight had a problem that her intentions weren’t recognized, Fluttershy couldn’t handle negative comments, Applejack was too entitled to please her fans, Rarity takes her unpopularity too much to her heart, Rainbow Dash has problems with the amount of attention she had cultivated, and Pinkie Pie is upset being seen as a one trick pony. Of course the fans were extreme in this episode, however I think that the other side can’t be fully ignored.
    Also: Twilight sucks at marketing, which would have solved almost every problem they had. ;-)

  • Raffaele Lanza

    …… *sigh*
    If I can have a word about this, I think that if people are gonna feel this episode was an Attack to the fandom, then they have completely missed the point of not only the episode but the show itself. The message of the episode clearly told how anything should AND shouldn’t be enjoyed, and they used the usual vocal criticisms of the fandom as jokes to show that. I could agree about the things left inconcluded, but doesn’t matter to me. (The mad ponies will eventually get bored, and leave)

  • Mares Fillies

    IWTCITS and her friends. <3