Admittedly, one’s enjoyment of this episode varies on how much one can stand Zephyr Breeze, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Fluttershy’s younger brother, Zephyr Breeze, has once again moved back in with their parents because he’s not feeling the mane therapy thing (read: it’s not going as well as he wants it to). So, he makes a nuisance of himself (again) at his parents house. It turns out his parents are even more meek than Fluttershy who is considerably more assertive in this episode.

Fluttershy is really “peeved” that his brother hasn’t been able to do anything on his own and has his parents are too meek to stand up to him. So, Fluttershy steps in and gets Zephyr to move out—to his sister’s house. Fluttershy allows him to stay, provided he gets a job. However, he tries weaseling out of dying cloths at Carousel Boutique, washing windows at the Castle of Friendship, and whatever Rainbow Dash had him doing at Wonderbolt Headquarters by getting someone else to do it. The last of the three results in getting zapped by a storm cloud courtesy of Dash and getting kicked out by Fluttershy.

After a “Castaway” reference, Zephyr opens up that he’s afraid of failing and Fluttershy comes up with the strong moral about sometimes you have to do things even though you might fail. So after a song and Zephyr actually trying to fix a mane, he is finally on the right track thanks to Fluttershy.

This was a surprising episode in that Fluttershy is really assertive here. She’s tired of her brother trying to get a free ride at the expense of their parents and is trying to encourage him to try even though he might fail. Failure is a natural thing to fear, but fearing failure is not an excuse to not try. Otherwise, you learn nothing.

Again, it’s a really enjoyable episode, but your enjoyment varies based on how much you can stand Zephyr. He was a bit of an annoyance and it won’t be surprising to see him on many an unpopular character list. Despite that, Fluttershy is the real star of this episode getting being the assertive one for a change and not giving up on her brother even though it turns out that he’s giving up on himself. It almost completely offsets any disdain one has for Zephyr during the episode. Almost.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Fluttershy being the assertive one.
  • +  Parents and sibling of a Mane Six character
  • +  Strong moral
  • –  Zephyr can be obnoxious at times
  • GRADE:  A-


  • Raffaele Lanza

    Another thing I want to point about this episode: RD was once again portrayed greatly, as she gave an hoof helping Zephyr in facing his fear of fail and that’s IMO another plus for the episode, especially if you think that it’s the same writer of Newbie Dash…. yeah… Depending on how good the next episode will be, I might do a special comment in the next episode’s review about this Dan….

  • Pone^3

    I love that the moral of this episode is targeted so clearly on the stereotypical brony… and at such a rampant problem these days. More such timely lessons please writers!