Twilight is planning to celebrate Celestia’s “ones-versary” (1,111th) of her raising the sun for the first time by staging a play at the school. Since being in a play is one of the things Celestia has never done before, though she has a love for theatre, Twilight decides in her infinite wisdom to cast Celestia in lead role as a way of doing something nice to someone who has always put herself before others.

Celestia is uncertain since she has zero acting experience. Despite Twilight’s reassurances, Celestia’s inexperience shows and no amount of acting lessons will help her. No amount of Twilight’s over-willingness to make the play work for Celestia instead of telling her the truth about her acting skills will help either. Rainbow Dash telling every creature she knows definitely doesn’t help—ruling out Spike’s suggestion of cancelling the play. Pinkie’s attempts of replacing the prop sun damaged earlier just makes things worse—especially when she imitates an Illinoisan looking to put on a fireworks show (where such amateur acts are illegal) and smuggled the fireworks from Wisconsin to do that.

Twilight goes over the edge and the cat escapes the bag—upsetting Celestia that her pupil had been lying to her all this time. Celestia tells Twilight that honesty is always better than the best of intentions paved by lies and has an idea to save the play. Celestia plays the role of production assistant and helps salvage the play with Fluttershy (some pony who has acting experience) as Celestia.

To some, this is a bit of a retread of “Inspiration Manifestation”. However, this is someone attempting to hide the truth from someone who has been like family and a mentor to her.. Also, this is not to help someone get out of a creative funk, this is someone trying to give back to said mentor. Twilight’s real fault is that she puts Celestia so far high a pedestal, that she does not realize that there are things that even the ruler of Equestria cannot do—such as act.

However, in both situations, honesty is still the best policy despite best intentions. However, this episode is still better than “Inspiration Manifestation” as Twilight isn’t one to be so dismissive about the lesson like Spike was in the former. The biggest problem with Twilight is placing Celestia high on a pedestal that some of things she feels she needs to do to pay Celestia back are unnecessary.



  • Raffaele Lanza

    ….. *sigh* My fear is slowing coming to reality.. I’m noticing a slight rigidity in your most recent MLP reviews Dan, I didn’t like your take on Twilight in this review, at all. As years passed I’ve seen more and more reviewers I used to respect losing their marbles and going overly negative and nitpicky, and while you’re still far from that, and there are only about 45 eps left (if the Ninth and final season has 26 eps, it could have just 13, it’s not confimed yet) plus a Christmas special, I think it will be enough for you going that route… I’m sorry Dan, I always respected you as person, and reviewer, but I don’t want to see you going throught the same route that so many people I used to respect went throught, so I’m stopping reading your reviews. Don’t take it personally, I’m just disappointed.

    • Aldo Curiel Rivera

      Are you kidding me? You’re gonna stop reading his reviews, just because you didn’t agreed with him? I don’t think he was overly nitpicky AT ALL. If he criticizes something, it’s because he cares and just like you, he doesn’t wanna see his favorite character derailed. I’m very disappointed at you. If Twilight was real, she would hate that you don’t respect others’ opinions.

      • Raffaele Lanza

        After being throught hundreds of reviewers AND friends who became overlynitpicky and negative because reasons only god knows, and felt bad in seeing so many people I putted trust (that are reviewers or friends) you can see where I’m coming from. Dan is far from those levels, but if this review is an indication, he will eventually fall for that as well, soon enough. And that’s a real shame considering that the show is gonna end next year… I hoped for at least him not falling for that by the time the show ended, but it seems like once again I putted too much faith in that…

        • Aldo Curiel Rivera

          Sorry, I have to disagreed. There’s still a lot of people who’s loving the show:

          Also, what about MisAnthro Pony? GoldenFox, and many more?

          • Raffaele Lanza

            I will try to tell you in another way: LEAVE. ME. ALONE!

          • Aldo Curiel Rivera

            Okay, I was just trying to help you realize that not every MLP reviewer is a nitpicky asshole. Why do you hate them so much? I think they’re good people.

  • Graem

    I still haven’t finished the episode. I have to keep pausing because I feel so uncomfortable with things. I dunno. Maybe the whole theatrical vibe is something that’s too close to home to be funny for me. I remember groaning in agony at the two professional actors miming being stuck in a box. It felt like something meant to be funny, but just hurt me instead. Still only about halfway through the episode.

    It’s not as offensive to me as Castle Mane-ia, but it just hurts me to watch.