The episode begins with Pinkie Pie being invited (read: begging through 17 letters to Prince Rutherford) to the Yaks’ Yicksluberfest. Pinkie arrives as the Official Friendship Ambassador to the Yaks and is introduced to Yak traditions and Yakyakistan as a whole.

However, one of the customs, stomping, leads to an avalanche that buries the village. Pinkie offers to bring the rest of the Mane Six to help remove the snow, but Prince Rutherford says the Yaks don’t ask for help. They’ll wait until the snow melts.

After several failed attempts in convincing the Yaks that they need help, Pinkie brings the rest of the Mane Six anyway for a “covert friendship mission” to lift the snow. Prince Rutherford actually commends “Pink Pony” for helping the Yaks without asking and Pinkie gets her own set of Yak horns.

So yes, this is the Yaks’ version of “Applebuck Season,” and I think the lesson is somewhat lost on the Yaks here. The moral is that it’s OK to ask for help when you’re in over your head. It is not really be patient and wait for others to help you.

When we first saw the Yaks in “Party Pooped” they were the worst part of that episode, though Pinkie did well to carry it. Here, the Yaks are a little more tolerable and Pinkie again carries the episode very well.

There was some decent world-building as we are introduced to Yakyakistan and all the various yak huts which reads like the Department of Redundancy Department. The dialogue is also on song. It’s just that how the Yaks absorb the lesson is quite off note in this episode. So overall, it is an episode that Pinkie carries well despite the heavy weight of the Yaks.



  • Fulgur

    I’ve seen another lesson pointed out on TVTropes:

    “In many real-world cultures, it is considered shameful to ask for help,
    but these cultures also tend to have traditions of helping those in
    need without asking, with the understanding that such altruism
    strengthens the tribe. Westerners mostly know this as the Oriental
    concept loosely translated as “saving face”, but the practice is more
    widespread than that.”

    So one possible moral is that things that are OK in your culture might not be OK in another, and you should take cultural differences into account.

    • JodyMorgan

      I agree with this take, personally, though since it’s not made clear in the episode I can understand people coming to a different conclusion.

      I didn’t mind the yaks so much in “Party Pooped” since, being the obstacle for Pinkie to overcome, deep characterization wasn’t needed. The world-building in this episode disappointed me slightly, though; for the most part, it felt like they went with the most obvious cliches for Yakyakistan society. Even so, the bond between Pinkie and Prince Rutherford was great.

  • I enjoyed this episode. The yaks are pretty funny but Pinkie carried the episode with own unique brand of comedy which we’ve seen for seven seasons. It was good episode to ring in the hiatus.