For the first time, the map calls somepony from outside Ponyville. That would be Sunburst and he and Starlight Glimmer have been called to their former home—Sire’s Hollow. There, we see how the Development Committee (led by Sunburst’s Mom) and the Preservation Committee (led by Starlight’s Dad) have gone to extremes. That’s not really the friendship problem. Then we see Firelight treating his daughter like she was a foal and searching through the archives for the “Friendship Problem”. Meanwhile, Stellar Flare is full of plans to ensure the success of his son. None of those are the friendship problem.

The friendship problem is Sunburst’s and Starlight Glimmer’s relationship with their parents, especially after they tell them off. Neither have visited their parents for ages (as foreshadowed by Sunburst throwing one his Mom’s letters on top of a pile). Two lessons are at play here. Things were hard for both Sunburst and Starlight after they split up, but neither sought the support of their parents who only really want to be a source of support—no matter how annoying they get. Also, the parents need to learn to give their children some space to learn and grow.

However, that does leave the matter of the town still unsolved and that was left on the back-burner during the episode. Maybe there’s still room for Stellar Flare and Firelight to come to a compromise in regards to the town?

There are some good lessons and credit to the episode to keep people guessing as to what is the friendship problem truly was, but there were opportunities to address other things during the episode.



  • Graem

    Thanks, Dan. I thought this was the most enjoyable non-opening episode of the season so far. Actual grins on my face, which has been uncommon lately, and I liked seeing how the parents behaved. I felt it was actually far more nuanced than the episode with Rainbow Dash’s parents. This was one I could relate with somewhat.

    There was a very cutting way the parents had that undermined the children, and none of it was intended. It wasn’t just embarrassment, it was placing the children in situations that took their personal power and personal agency away from them, which I’ve noticed many parents do whether intentionally or not. It makes sense, as it’s part of being a parent of a younger child, and it doesn’t really go away because you know that they’re still YOUR child. I’m rambling.

    The shot of Starlight’s teenage room was a highly amusing gag.

    My personal rating is a solid 7 out of 10, pushing a 7.5. It would be higher if the lesson was better/conveyed, outstanding issues resolved, and the narrative more gripping.

    • Ninten Cano

      Good comment!

  • Ninten Cano

    A good episode of the Starlight Glimmer show featuring Sunburst. Lol!

    Thanks for the review StatManDan!
    Have a nice day!