The episode begins with the Mane Six sans Rarity racing to prevent the latter from getting her hooves on the newspaper worried that the J. Jonah Jameson of Manehattan would write a rotten review of Rarity’s new store based on their interviews with him. Rarity does have a newspaper and gets set to read the review. It starts with Rarity and her friends getting her new Manehattan store up and ready for tonight’s Grand Opening.

There are of course a few problems. The landlord forces her daughter (Plaid Stripes) on as an employee. Of course, she has the competency of Madison from Littlest Pet Shop. There are raccoons in the back room. The clothes sent in for display are disorganized. Coco Pommel is out with a bad cold. Plus, Vinyl Scratch (or DJ PON-3 if you prefer) has a residence on the floor she has a dance club.

So, Pinkie is assigned to get Vinyl to tone things down. Fluttershy is assigned to kindly tell the raccoons to leave. Applejack is assigned to be honest with Plaid Stripes and her ideas. Rainbow is Director of Pony Resources. And Twilight gets to organize the dresses much to her delight. But depite doing what they thought Rarity wanted them to do, things still go awry. So they decide to try things the best way they know how while Rarity is locked in the display window put the finishing touches on the mannequins since there’s already enough on her mind.

Amazingly, every is organized, the raccoons have a purpose, there’s a new boutique dance club, and Rainbow hired all three ponies she interviews since they know more about fashion than she does. Even Plaid Stripes has a purpose with her proposed spoon outfit. Oh, and the review was actually an excellent one after the problems.

By far this is the funniest episode of the season so far. I really enjoyed The Office type of interviewing by the reporter and the sometimes frankness of the characters when interviewing. There was an excellent reference to “Too Many Pinkie Pies” as well. The synopsis suggests a Rarity episode, and it is in a way, but her friends were more the focus in this one and the episode handled each situation very well. But it’s also a Rarity episode and those never fail in the first place.

The only down spot in this episode is the landlord. Not only does he sound a bit stereotypical-Italian, but he’s also a typical try to get her daughter a job even though she lacks the required competence-type. Honestly though, that’s the only true flaw of the episode and it’s another tremendous episode as Rarity adds another location to her fashion empire.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Humor
  • +  All of the Mane Six
  • +  The interviews
  • –  The landlord



  • Raffaele Lanza

    Great review Dan and great episode. Everything aside the landlord in this episode was made amazingly: the animation, the humor, the structure, the characterization of all the Mane 6, everything was perfect! I couldn’t ask more. Nick Confalone is on fire in this season, can’t wait for his last episode.


    And now…. I need ask you for a little “favor” Dan: Right now I’m on the fence on if watching or not the next episode, because the premise makes it sounds like Spike at Your Service 2.0 with also Twilight (MY FAVORITE CHARACTER) being portrayed like an idiot. And if already seeing her portrayed like that in a not canon comic book made me mad I don’t dare to immagine how I’d feel if she’s portrayed like that in the main show. I’ll wait until Thursday when Haber reveals the writer and the preview is released: if the writer is Neal Dusedau (the only recent newcomer I don’t trust at all) and/or I see Twilight portrayed like an idiot in the preview, I’ll skip the live and I’ll watch the episode ONLY and I point ONLY if you’ll give it a B or more. If it won’t be a B worthy episode….. the it will be the first (and hopefully last) MLP episode I never watch….. I count on you on this point Dan.

    • David Lewis

      I honestly think you should watch the episode when it airs and give it a fair chance, mainly because you can’t judge an episode based on a twenty-second or so clip taken out of context, I’ve seen too much of that recently.

      • Raffaele Lanza

        Ok. Two things:
        1)Seeing Twilight, my favorite character, portrayed like an idiot, is something I want to avoid, and the synopsis makes sound like she will be portrayed like Spike in Spike at your service. And if seeing her portrayed like an idiot in the far west arc of the comics (that was the reason I quitted them save for exceptions) made me really mad, I don’t want to immagine how it would be if she’s gonna get the same treatment in the main show;
        2)Althought it isn’t confirmed, the probabilities that the writer is Neal Dusedau are high, and he’s one of the few writers altogheter with Chris Savino that I can’t stand. He staine the S5 (that outside his episode to me was perfect), he damaged years of development for Spike and Discord, and he wrote the first bad Twilight episode since Boast Busters. Even thought they both come from Johnny Test, to me Neal Dusedau is the exact opposite of Nick Confalone: an honorless writer who doesn’t do his job with passion but just for living. I’m not willing to give him another chance, so if he wrote the episode, I’ll skip it, no matter what.

        That is all.

    • StatManDan

      Just watch the episode and judge for yourself.

      • Raffaele Lanza

        Ah….. I give up. I’ll give the episode a chance, but if Twilight will be portrayed like an idiot I’ll pretend that the episode never existed in the first place. Alright?

  • Frith

    The landlord was Russian, not Italian. ^_^

    Other eye candy: the Trains, Planes and Automobiles pair (they’re everywhere now), the hitmen from Pulp Fiction, J. Jonah Jameson, and 80’s dancersize ponies in leg warmers.