Two for the price of one this weekend. Let’s get straight to it!

After many a tea party at Fluttershy’s place, Discord decides to invite Fluttershy to his house for tea. Since Discord has never hosted a tea party before, he needs to figure out what would be best for his guest. Upon receiving advice from Pinkie Pie to just make her feel comfortable, Discord forgoes the singing ginseng tea, flying teapots, and sneezing piñatas to a normal setting which is very abnormal for Discord.

So much so that Discord starts to fade away since “normal” behavior is unbecoming of Discord. Fluttershy comes to the rescue by causing her own chaos such as knocking over tea cups, speaking to many reflections of herself, and trying to undo the extreme makeover Discord’s other selves done. That gets Discord back to his chaotic self and he brings back the aforementioned singing tea bags, flying teapots, and sneezing piñatas.

Discord feared initially brining those things in would drive Fluttershy away because they are so different and many ponies don’t get their friendship. Fluttershy counters that he’s introduced her to so many things since they became friends and that she likes him because of their differences.

There are two things that carry this episode. The first is John de Lancie’s voice acting which is always stellar with Discord. The other is Fluttershy in the third act which is more of the self-confident Fluttershy we have seen this season. We also see a side of Discord we have not seen before in that he is not as assured of himself when it comes to hosting a tea party. It’s almost a role reversal from earlier interactions between the two characters.

Anyway, this was a good episode and one where Discord is in a different role than an agitator and couple with the more self-confident Fluttershy we have seen this season.



So, “The Perfect Pear”. Out of all the characters that you can focus on in the series, an episode that involves Applejack’s parents is perhaps the one that is most anticipated of them all. Not only that, you have William Shatner and Felicia Day in this episode. There was a feud between the Apples, led by Granny Smith, and the Pears, led by Grand Pear (voiced by William Shatner). The only Apple and Pear who got along was Bright Macintost and Pear Butter (aka “Buttercup”)(voiced by Felicia Day)—Applejack’s, Apple Bloom’s, and Big Mac’s parents!

Not only is there the shock that they are half pear, but they go on a tour of getting to truly know their parents through those that knew them such as Burnt Oak (who knew Bright Mac and his honesty), Mrs. Cake (whom Buttercup helped get her cutie mark through baking), and Mayor Mare (more on that later). I’m not sure anyone expected a “Romeo-and-Juliet” type story at all.

Everything about Bright Mac and Buttercup’s romance is very heartwarming. The song is one of the best in the series and will be in many a fan’s head for years to come. It’s also very bittersweet, not just for the obvious reasons, but how things came to a head when Grand Pear announces that the Pears are moving to Vanhoover. Rather than lose the love of his life, he plans a secret and not-so-splashy wedding with Buttercup, officiated by Mayor Mare, and witnessed by Mrs. Cake and Burnt Oak. The marriage goes through, but faced with an ultimatum from his father, Buttercup chooses staying with Bright Mac instead of moving while Granny Smith ultimately accepts her.

The Apple Siblings go about mending fences with their grandfather, who really came back to Ponyville to do the same, and with Granny Smith, who apologizes for not telling them about their parents sooner. The episode ends with the siblings and grandparents together at a winding tree with apples and pears.

I honestly though Season Five had the monopoly on emotional episodes such as “Tanks for the Memories,” “Amending Fences,” and “Crusaders of the Lost Mark”—the latter two being two of the best episodes the series has had. This episode will have fans have the feels for years to come.

Everyone involved puts in an outstanding performance from special guests Shatner and Day; to regulars Ashleigh Ball, Michelle Creber, Peter New, Tabitha St. Germain, and Cathy Weseluck; to newcomers Bill Newton (Bright Mac) and Bill Mondy (Burnt Oak).

Season Seven has had a gem in “A Royal Problem” that’s a bonafide top 20 all-time episode. This is a top five all-time episode. That’s all credit to the cast and crew of the show for delivery such gems—especially in the show’s advanced age. One of the most anticipated episodes perhaps in show history is truly one of the best in show history.



  • Raffaele Lanza

    Not much to say, a couple of fantastic episodes to end the hiatus (althought I saw them in June but whatever XD).
    The S7 for me (and the last act of MLP for me) will start again next Saturday. The rest of the S7 looks very promising, let’s hope it will conclude what the first half started.

    • Shelltoon

      How many times are you going to announce S7 being the end for you? You’re acting like LeBron James when he left Cleveland to join the Miami Heat. Next thing you know, you’ll have a 3 hour show devoted to your leaving when S7 ends.

      • Raffaele Lanza

        Don’t worry, I’m gonna be out of here sooner than that. Just the time to get the S7 finale’s synopsis (hoping it’s worthy) and I will kick out myself out of here. Then I will waytch what remains to enjoy for me by myself.

        • Graem

          You’re missing the point. Shelltoon was asking why you keep bringing that up. We know. It’s kinda hard not to know that about you by now.

          • Raffaele Lanza

            You really want to know what my problem is? Very well: one year ago the six characters that have made me becoming fan of this show in the first place and that for five years have been great inspirations to me have been treated like trash with no value only for the sake of a fucking story. And that already made me feeling bad for weeks, but you want to know the real reason I’m going on with this so many times? Because since then a movement anti-Mane 6 started in the fandom, and now many people hate them and want them getting cutted off from the show AND ONLY BECAUSE AN EPISODE THAT TREATED THEM BADLY. I already developed a lot of despise toward the brony fandom because the S1 eliters, but this is the the drop that made straining the river. At the top of the people I hate the most in the world, there are the traitors, and most of all, the people who betray their own principles, passions and words to live in hate and anger, and those people who came to hate the Mane 6 because a fucking episode, fall in that category to me (and some of theme were people who I considered close friends as well, and this says something on why I kept going on with this for too long), that’s why I became so negative toward this fandom. But it isn’t over here, no no, it isn’t over here. In the last years I’ve seen more and more hate toward things that I love and used to be beloved by many people (Super Mario Galaxy, Zootopia, and the original Crash bandicoot trilogy are just examples), and this is just making me feeling worse and more negative. I lost interest in modern gaming since Nintendo died, and the trend of modern gaming moved onward soulless shooters, or orrible horrors and things like that, and despite the S7 is turning out to be amazing so far, the news of Haber and Vogel returning in S8 and the high probability of them being story editors, just killed any kind of excitement for future MLP seasons. Those two already did a lot of damages in S6, I don’t want to see them turning the Mane 6 into circus clowns eventually. After this chain of events, between toxic communities and like of productions I can enjoy, I lost all the reasons to stay on internet. Right now the only reason I’m still here is to get the S7 finale’s synopsis (hoping it will be worthy), afterward I kick myself out of the Internet and never show my face around it ever again. Until then I will use all of my strenghts to try to stop those moronic traitors to boycotting everything I always believed in!

          • aldo curiel
          • aldo curiel