I knew I forgot something! Actually, I didn’t because I had tons of other things going on between the end of “To Where and Back Again” and now. Anyway, admittedly this season was not as stellar as Seasons Four and Five. It was not as mindblowing as Season Four or emotionally pulling as Season Five. It was still an enjoyable season nonetheless. As usual, we go from 24th to 1st. Of course with time, opinions tend to change about certain episodes and indeed, I’ve adjusted the grades of some episodes in Season Six. You’ll find out which ones along the way. So let’s get to it!

24. Newbie Dash:  Just too much stuff in this episode was cringeworthy from Dash’s impressions of the rest of the Mane Six to the mixed messages the nicknames the Wonderbolts give each other and their treatment of Dash might send. Both Dash and the Wonderbolts could have been better in this episode.

23. Where the Apple Lies:  This episode also had plenty of cringeworthy moments. The lies got more and more numerous where it reminded me of an 80s PSA by the The Church of Latter-Day Saints. It was nice to see AJ and Big Mac as younger, but I felt the former was too easily forgiven in this one.

22. Applejack’s ‘Day’ Off:  The biggest problem I had with this episode is that other are pointing out to farmer Applejack more efficient methods of farming after AJ gets through pointing out how inefficient things were at the spa. I would let this ironic echo slide, but it also was close to a lesson in “Applebuck Season” about telling AJ to take a step back in either relaxing to having another set of eyes examine the work.

21. The Cart Before the Ponies: There were two good lessons about adult over-competitiveness and kids having speak up when the adult are going astray—especially when its a contest for kids. There was a painfully plot convenient collision and this wasn’t the most spectacular episode in the season.

20. 28 Pranks Later:  This episode was similar to a MLP Tales episode where one pony’s pranks got out of control and the others have to reign her in via a practical joke. Rainbow’s planned prank with the cookies was low. Hopefully unlike the Tales episode, Rainbow will learn his lesson.

19. On Your Marks:  This was not the best way to follow up “Crusaders of the Lost Mark”. The episode tended to lose focus at times with the central conflict which was Apple Bloom struggling with what to do next with a touch of mood whiplash.

18. Viva Las Pegasus:  It was nice to see Las Pegasus for the first time (though it looked like Chuck E. Cheese at times). Mileage varied most with how you viewed the Flim Flams in this one.

17. The Crystalling:  Again, they do different things in the season premiere such as an A-plot and a B-plot, but Sunburst’s story was a bit too similar to Moondancer’s in “Amending Fences” and the rest of the Mane Six were too much on the sidelines in this episode.

16. No Second Prances:  The interaction between Starlight, Twilight, and Trixie is actually well played. No pony is totally in the right or the wrong. However, Twilight is forgetting TWO lessons of the past (one from “Griffon the Brush Off” and one from “The Crystalling” in giving Starlight space to learn).

15. PPOV (Pony Point of View):  This does give a unique touch to the varying points of view plot. However, the reason as to why the boat capsized simply came too much out of nowhere.

14. Every Little Thing She Does:  This was another “magic can’t solve all your problems” episode—this time with Starlight. It still works in a way, but not executed as well as other times where a lesson is being re-learned.

13. Spice Up Your Life:  Rarity and Pinkie Pie have a good dynamic between them, but the former’s advice here was in direct conflict with beliefs from earlier episodes such as “Canterlot Boutique” about standing out vs. conforming.

12. Flutter Brutter:  This episode had one of the stronger morals of the season and had Fluttershy being more assertive. However, Zephyr does get on your nerves quite a bit here.

11. To Where and Back Again:  Again, something completely different compared to previous finales. It was great seeing the interaction between Starlight, Trixie, and Discord and one can wonder where things go with the show from here given the events. However, some plot holes exist with the changelings in the castles.

10. The Gift of the Maud Pie:  More comedic gold with Rarity, Pinkie, and Maud. The only problem here is that the lesson is predictable more so than usual once you get to the party cannon trade.

9. Buckball Season:  Sports are not covered enough in the show. Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Snails all have game; but AJ and Dash do not due to their super-competitiveness messing with Pinkie’s and Fluttershy’s confidence.

8. Dungeons and Discords:  A very imaginative episode with a RPG-type game made very real thanks to Discord. It was fun to see Discord interact with Spike and Big Mac here and I loved the end scene.

7. Top Bolt:  We got to see both Twilight and Rainbow in mentoring roles and how they compare and contrast. It applies well to the friendship problem between two ponies with an interesting back story. Oh, Make-A-Wish pony!

6. Stranger Than Fan Fiction:  A thinly-veiled lesson towards the fandom if there ever was one. Patton Oswalt was tremendous as Quibble Pants and who didn’t squee over the convention atmosphere portrayed in this one?

5. The Fault in Our Cutie Marks:  This was a better CMC episode post-cutie marks and we got a tremendous new character in Gabby the Griffon. It also gave the CMC an interesting new challenge.

4. Gauntlet of Fire:  Another great new character in Ember, but Spike is the real star of this one throughout the episode. It was the best Spike episode of the series until…..

3. The Saddle Row Review:  Before we get to that, this episode was simply funny from start to finish. A unique concept with this one and Twilight’s sweep mix is really catchy after the fifth time or when you’re curling.

2. The Times They Are a Changeling:  Here is the best Spike episode in the series. The introduction of Thorax and Spike’s eventual acceptance of him are well-played here in the face of doubt from everyone else. You had the feeling it would play a pivotal role in the finale, but that would come more from Starlight when we got there.

1. A Hearth’s Warming Tale:  Hooves down the best holiday episode of the series. A musical episode that you can replay every holiday season or outside of it. Again, you have to see this episode to see how wonderful it was.

So that’s the story of Season Six for me. Here are a few quickie lists as well:

Top Songs:

  • 1. A Changeling Can Change
  • 2. The Seeds of the Past
  • 3. Find the Purpose in Your Life
  • 4. Luna’s Future
  • 5. Say Goodbye to the Holiday

Top New Characters:

  • 1. Thorax
  • 2. Gabby
  • 3. Ember
  • 4. Saffron Masala
  • 5. Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger
  • That’s all for now. More later.


  • Stephen

    Here are my Season 6 best to worst episodes, let me know what you think. :)

    1. A Hearth’s Warming Tail – Incredible (11/10)
    2. Every Little Thing She Does – Amazing (10/10)
    3. Dungeons and Discords – Amazing (9.5/10)
    4. Stranger than Fan Fiction – Amazing (9.4/10)
    5. To Where and Back Again – Amazing (9.3/10)
    6. Gauntlet of Fire – Amazing (9.3/10)
    7. Top Bolt – Amazing (9/10)
    8. Spice Up Your Life – Amazing (9/10)
    9. No Second Prances – Amazing (9/10)
    10. Buckball Season – Amazing (9/10)
    11. On Your Marks – Amazing (9/10)
    12. The Gift of the Maud Pie – Amazing (9/10)
    13. Viva Las Pegasus – Amazing (9/10)
    14. The Saddle Row Review – Great (8/10)
    15. The Fault In Our Cutie Marks – Great (8/10)
    16. The Times They Are a Changeling – Great (8/10)
    17. Flutter Brutter – Great (8/10)
    18. 28 Pranks Later – Great (8/10)
    19. Where the Apple Lies – Great (8/10)
    20. The Crystalling – Great (8/10)
    21. P.P.O.V (Pony Point Of View) – Good (7/10)
    22. Newbie Dash – Good (7/10)
    23. Applejack’s “Day” Off – Decent (6/10)
    24. The Cart Before the Ponies – Bad (4/10)

  • Raffaele Lanza

    Eh….. it was a really good season. Not amazing as the fourth and the fifth ones, but still great nonetheless…. untile the finale came out…. while I loved the season as whole, the finale alone was terrible to me, like very terrible, to the point it alonr killed my hype for the show in a fraction of seconds and made me decide to quit the show after the Movie, which will be my de facto series finale. I’m gonna pretend everything afterward won’t exists (IF there’s gonna be something else afterward anyway). I’ve already explained my reasons a lot to you Dan, I don’t need to repeat myself again.

    I’ll give the S7 a chance anyway.

    Anyway I agree with a lot of low tier and top tier episodes here, I’d just swap some positions here (and of course I’d put the finale at the bottom…. ugh…).

  • Ninten Cano

    Thanks for this list!
    It was a good season.