MLP Toys at German Burger Kings

Remember when we shared that picture of a phone of a picture of a possible Burger King Twilight toy? Here’s the previous story.In it the Derpibooru poster talked about how Twilight, Pinkie and Fluttershy would be the toy selection for March.

Turns out that BK will be having MLP Toys, but right now only in Germany.

Compare to the previous picture when this was all just a rumor.

It seems that the 3D render is much the same as the finished product.

The toys are static and molded of plastic. The other selection is Tonka trucks.

As with McDonald’s, you can either buy a kid’s meal to get a toy. They’ll ask you if you want a “girl’s” toy or a “boy” toy. You can also ask to buy the ponies separately. If you want them to dig through boxes for an exact pony, go during off hours and be polite.

Stores tend to get the toys separated in “waves,” with one boy toy and one girl toy per box. Really popular promotions like this will mean that they’ll order new toys quickly.

You can check out the tv spot here.

Right now it seems to be a German promotion only. The US is having Cut the Rope toys for March. Check your country’s BK site under the kid’s section or call your local store’s manager for March toys.

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