Ah, I love when these updates come out.  This is an update from the MLP:FiM Flash Game (ignore the errors on the site, namely the missing logo and background, I’m the one running that and apparently things got overwritten with the DH site updates).  The flash based 2d platformer you hear about from time to time.  It shows what kind of epic progress they have made, from music to physics engine work.  I won’t spoil all the fun, but check it out.

Later on, we’ll be having a marathon of updates news wise, those who have sent in submissions, I thank you, currently the submission page goes to me which isn’t the best idea due to my lack of being around all the time (damn you good weather), but I’ll be solving that issue.  We also may have some more bronies posting here at DH, go team!

  • Plaster

    I thought some of those were supposed to be forwarded to me? I didn't get anything

    Glad to hear about more people on the team, I'm but one man and there are plenty of times where i just can't find time to keep up with poni.

    But when i do find the time, whoa look out.

  • DerpySquad

    I haven't hooked up the submission system yet, let me go do that now before I forget. I forwarded a few to you.

    Oh hey, 100,000 views via the blog pageviewer, sweet.