MLP:FiM Flash Game (or MLP – Flash Is Magic) Video Update #4

A new video release from the creators of MLP:FiM The Flash Game, or as somepony called it and it stuck in my head, MLP – Flash Is Magic, that awesome flash game currently in production and looking for voice actors (and other hands).  Watch the video, currently in the realm of voice acting, they are in need of mature female voice and boy-kid style voice for Spike and Rainbow Dash (gruff sounding).  They also wish to remind you that you need a good microphone, as some entries had to be turned down due to the mic quality.

Check it, you’ll like what you see.

Side Note – MP3 format works the best for audition form, and it doesn’t cripple my low grade broadband.  Some of you guys submitted wav files which are insanely large :)

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