Muffin Airways
by ~Shutterflye

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has been nominated for a Tubey Award, something given out by the people at Television Without Pity. The show is up for Favorite Animated Show, though it has some competition within this category including such favorites as Futurama, Archer, Adventure Time and Legend of Korra (Simpsons, why you on there). The votes are polled via the internet, so feel free to drop by and vote for your favorite, here, animation is on page 13.

[Source: The Hub Facebook]

  • Citrus Rain

    MLP vs. Korra… Such a tough decision.

    …the logic in the word “favorite” tells me to vote MLP, but Korra has such a strong story arc.

  • EquestriaGuy

    MLP was robbed of a daytime emmy. They deserve at least this.