by gsphere

CableFAX is an organization that serves to educate and promote shows to keep television execs and producers in the know about their peers. Our little television show happened to have won the award for best animated series, beating out one of my favorites Archer from FX and The Hub’s own Transformers.

This may not seem like a huge feat to those outside of the television world but it shows people are starting to stand up and take notice.

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  • Anonymous

    It beat ARCHER?! That's actually pretty big. Congrats to the FiM crew.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, an award is an award. Well deserved.

  • Pacce

    That's pretty awesome, yo! It means this show is getting some respect in the official community and not just amongst us weirdos.

  • ShadowTani

    This was a very well deserved prize imo, and quite a valuable gem to use and abuse for whenever a hater try to claim that it's ridiculous to even compare MLP:FiM with other animated shows, lol. +1 to the ponies. <3

  • derpymaths

    not surprising, really. i mean, archer's cool and all.. but flutterbitch could severely whoop his sorry ass. oh, are we not talking about martial arts showdowns? my bad.