The MLPOnline Team wishes to announce a playable (single player) demo of MLPOnline, which I guess was featured at BroNYcon, but I’m told this is an upgraded version.  The Multiplayer part is still being developed.  All information can be found behind the page break.  Salty is going to be watching the comment section here, so fill it up with your questions and comments.
In other news, Happy 400k Pageviews DH!

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(The following is taken directly from the front of their homepage)

The changelog is far too long to simply print here.  Instead, some background.

This is an upgraded version of the demo that was shown at BroNYcon, of the single player side of the game (MP is still in development).  It’s missing a lot of major features and has several bugs, but the skeleton for the SP game is now in place.

The demo ends after the battle (approach the manticore for some more dialogue) as the content after that was cut for lack of time/resources.

There are presently several known bugs.  If you hold down a button while moving into a transition point, it will still be pressed when you exit the transition even if you released the button.  This probably has to do with a missed lockout, and will be fixed soon.

Twilight’s Mane is slightly off.  She and Rarity are also blank-flanks, I haven’t had time to put the marks that Waka sent me in.

The battle with the Manticore is considered ‘won’ even if you purposefully lose.  I guess it makes sense in context, actually.

Cutscenes are barely implemented, and will need more work, so we left the stage directions in somewhat.  Use your imagination.

The only options in combat that actually work are Attack and Defend, and Defend just makes you wait and perform no action.

Fluttershy’s cottage interior isn’t ready, so we glossed over that part -_-.

Fluttershy’s cottage exterior violates the isometric rule, just run over the bridge and pretend you didn’t see nothin.

Known performance issues:

The program doesn’t run on Mac or Linux, or have any versions for those platforms until OpenGL is complete.

The program tends to perform poorly on integrated cards (read:  laptops).  This is probably due to an upload/download speed problem in DirectX.  Try running the program with -ogl in the command line, it will look strange but should help your framerate.

I disabled the pony editor since it’s not ready, but everyone can’t seem to help but mess with it.

There are presently WAY too many things on the todo list to list here, but I will be gathering up the most frequently asked questions and posting an FAQ in the forums later.  I will also probably make a video of the gameplay for those of you unfortunate enough to not be able to run the program.

  • Moshalas

    Sweet. And grats on 400k :)
    Downloading now.

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    congratulations for the 4 hundred thousand views.

    about the demo, well I guess I can't say much about it. I liked that the characters personality, is very similar to their personality in cartoon and the good quality of the background is something to notice.
    I only have one question, from one demo to another they seem to be very diferent and I was wondering if it's like many games inside one or the diferent games are separate?

  • derpymaths

    it seems like the game could become really epic. the style of game is going to require lots and lots of work from where it is now but.. i can wait patiently for this cuz it clearly has a lot of potential. could see myself wasting many hours with this if they can work out lots of interesting skills and abilities for the ponies to learn.