Monday Morning Videos

At some point the videos that have been submitted for the media section will be posted up here, but if you’re submitting a new video to me, let me know so I can post them up asap, otherwise it gets filed into a folder for use later on.  Either way, here are the new videos submitted to me today.

From Zedmastermind

From NightBlader

From Prism

And that’s all for now, Happy Monday everypony (le-sigh).  As I’ve told people and posted here, I run the opposite of many bronies, summer is my busy season while fall through spring is not, which works out when you’re running a pony site and that seems to be the time for the new seasons.  So again, this is why updates are getting slower around here, all around the site.  I have a ton of new artwork to upload, which I’ll try and fit in tonight.  Later ya’ll.

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