Moonstuck Concludes

moonstuck – everypony together
by *egophiliac

Yesterday the popular tumblr Moonstuck concluded its adventures that followed Woona and her friends on the moon, tracking down a mysterious mare who caused trouble for all. Of course I won’t spoil the end if you haven’t read it. The tumblr started out as a simple “input command” style comic that I do believe slowly evolved into something much more epic. When said and done the story spans roughly 188 pages on tumblr, and just over 900 panels. From Ego herself:

So, that’s that! Moonstuck is over. It’s been a great ride, almost a year to the day. :D

To answer a few questions I’ve already gotten on the subject: I may continue to draw Moonstuck-related stuff (I’ve drawn these characters for 900+ panels now, old habits die hard!), but there will be no more Moonstuck proper. There will not be a sequel, continuation, Celestia or adult-Luna version, or anything else along those lines, nor will I be “handing the reins” over to someone else. I have no plans to do any spin-offs or another command-based blog, and Average Woona will not be continued. There will not ever be a print version, for sale or otherwise. I havenothing to do with the dubs and I can’t tell you anything about them.

For extra Moonstuck, here are the relevant tags on my tumblr and deviantArt. For my current pony project, you can check out Slice of Life, a mostly-comics/semi-askblog about the Cakes. c:

A zip of the entire story will be available soon, along with a general info post for new readers and (possibly) a Q&A post. Right now I need to get some sleep though!

Thanks for the ride everyone, it’s been awesome. ♡

Along with the ending Ego is currently taking on Q&A via the disqus comments on the tumblr, and has also provided a series of zipped archives for all those who wish to download the entire series.

Downloadable Archive
Story Chapters
  • 1-13 – Prologue
  • 14-69 – Observatory I
  • 70-201 – Lunar Maria
  • 202-280 – Bat Ponies I
  • 281-344 – Maze I
  • 345-411 – Bat Ponies II
  • 412-434 – Maze II
  • 435-479 – Observatory II
  • 480-536 – Changelings I
  • 537-595 – Rocs I
  • 596-639 – Changelings II
  • 640-666 – Rocs II
  • 667-704 – Lunar Waterways
  • 705-751 – The Smooze
  • 752-781 – Tower of Jam
  • 782-840 – Final Boss I
  • 841-873 – Final Boss II
  • 874-889 – Final Boss III
  • 890-904 – The End
  • 905-908 – Epilogue

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