These were found on a mix of Taobao and eBay

First up is more Crystal Empire mane 6 single packs. We’ve already seen Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rainbow, and here are the other three.

Applejack comes with a hat and two plastic apples.

Pinkie Pie comes with an ice cream soda and a slice of pie on a plate.

Rarity is the only one with a comb, but she also has what looks like a fashion saddle.

“Magic motion”/action figure Twilight has packaging as well. This is European packaging, with an opaque painted bird and some sweets to munch on. The American packaging of Applejack only contains the figure and a translucent pet, but as Twilight’s European packaging is marked as a “special value,” it seems that Europe will get extra accessories for play.

The Twilight figure bobs her head up and down when her cutie mark is pressed.

Finally there’s a shot from Taobao showing pets, including the three translucent pets for the action figure ponies. A turtle for Rainbow, a puppy for Applejack, and a bird for Twilight.

[Source: MLP Trading Post]

  • ManeFlame

    Just -couldn’t- make the hat brown, could ya…

    • Nope. No they couldn’t. It bothers me too. :\

      • ManeFlame

        It’s the reason I refuse to buy anything from Hasbro for MLP. Not touching anything till they give AJ a brown hat.
        HER brown hat. Not just a recolor of that one lined with apples and designs. Just a simple, country work hat.

        • Anonymous

          I want to buy some of these, really I do…

          But if Hasbro keeps showing little-to-no effort all the time in making them show accurate, I feel less and less inclined to buy any official merch.

  • Is it just me or does AJ look like she has Fluttershys eyes? O.o

  • what i think of the twilight doll: TWILIGHT: oh, yeah babe. push on my BUTT. it makes me horny. (sorry if i ruined her for anypony else.) and also: COMPANY: what should we do for owlicious? *make him look just like in the show* meh. *make him a pink baby owlet with a mohawk* YEAH! THATS AWESOME!

  • I want all of them!! Plus i agree with ManeFlame they need to make Apple jack hat need to be brown.

  • I wonder how much of this content from the toys will show up in the cartoon?