Seems TaoBao now has the Princess Celestia & Friends Teaset available on their website. If you purchase this, you are required by law to play Andrew WK’s Party Party Party while using it, due to the guests at hand. The set comes with three figures, Pink Celestia, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash—with garden hats on—and with accessories (table and tea cart) too.

The folks over at MLPArena have detected that the pieces are mostly reused from other sets, namely the accessories. And much like me, they have had a chuckle at the fact that Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are Celestia’s guest. As we talked about in the chat, Pinkie Pie will be eating everything on the table while RD will get huffy over the hat, and then attempt to impress the Wonderbolts, causing chaos and disorder on a quiet day.

Like the other molds on Taobao, this will probably be limited, so grab what you can.

Princess Celestia & Friends on TaoBao

[Source: Hathorcat of MLPArena]

  • slowpoke

    They could sell this exact same Pink Celestia toy with the words “Princess Cadance” written on the box.

  • Folly

    Oviously, Celestia invited Dash and Pinkie over to discuss the art of trolling.