by ~lostwolfen

A quick comic for the morning, Art of the Muffin.

EqD posted earlier today some more leaks found about Hearth’s Warming Eve.  The items actually come from Hasbro’s Castle Creator which just got an update, so its more winter items (which I’m sure we’ll see appear during the episode).

Outside of some scenes and what the Mane 6 outfits for winter look like, the biggest piece for us was the inclusion of Derpy Hooves, under the file name “DH_Definitely_Canon.swf”.  I’m not sure if the wiki’s have started using DH as her official cannon name, but I think its safe to assume by now, that is what its going to be and not Ditzy Doo.  If you like Ditzy Doo then by all means, use the name.  But add the usage of DH by Faust (Derpy Sketch), Sisby (Storyboard Art), Castle Creator (as seen above), and even JT using her name to the evidence bag.

If you’ve seen the EqD article found here (since they have all the swf files listed), we’ve included many screensnaps of the other items outside of the Mane 6, includes props and scenery.  Castle Creator can be found here.

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  • Anonymous

    Now that Derpy Hooves is officially Derpy Hooves, maybe everypony will stop yelling at me for calling the derpy-filly from "The Cutie Pox" Ditzy Doo… :<

  • Anonymous

    Everyone looks cute as hell, I can't take it.

  • Anonymous

    Twilight is just wearing her Winter Wrap Up outfit… :( She doesn't get fun new clothes?