Its kind of like fishing, you wait around long enough, something interesting is bound to pop up.  Earlier today Lauren Faust released 14 sketches from the 2008 series that would become part of the “FiM Bible” on her DeviantArt account.  It includes a few “what could have been” things which are interesting.

The above is something someone noticed, Mortimer the Mouse, aka the original concept of Fluttershy’s companion character.

The rest of the dA pictures if you haven’t seen them (HA…..) is behind the page break.  Also included are quotes from Lauren Faust (the ones with the da green backgrounds).


To address worry that things would be too scary, I skewed the dragons kind of pretty at first. Might have been an interesting direction….

When I submitted the premise for the pilot, there was concern that facing a Manticore would be too scary for kids, so I designed him kind of dopey to help ease worry. Imagine my surprise when I got the note that he didn’t look threatening enough!! It’s not often that you’re happy to get a note, but I was. I like the final one better.

These were just random Fillydelphia residents. I wanted Ponyville to be Fillydelphia originally. Obviously that didn’t pan out, but I was glad we got to use the name somewhere else.

Her original name was indeed Appleseed. Ran into some copyright issues, and now she is Apple Bloom. In the original bible, she was solo in her quest for a Cutie Mark, and “seed” signified that she still needed to grow. CMC’s Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle were developed later.

I heard Snow White going “oh!” when I drew this one.

You all have seen Pinkie as a pegasus, now see Fluttershy when she was an earth pony.

This sketch was based off a fantastic sketch Paul Rudish did for me!

I have no idea how she uses that shovel…

Note original cutie mark— a variation of the 80’s Moondancer, which I always liked as a kid.
  • Anonymous

    Mortimer Mouse was Disney's Micky Mouse's original name. Not sure if related.

  • Anonymous

    At first I thought the one of surprised Fluttershy was Rarity due to the eye shape.
    Then I was like, "Silly Fluttershy, you aren't Rarity!"