I Just Don't Know How I'm Doing It - by: johanpok

Paul from Barnard Film contacted us about an update with the Ecce Bronies movie project. He’s been getting a lot of emails (probably from the Bronies Facebook fans) about this new development!

The live-action production, “Ecce Bronies,” is currently postponed so we can unionize in order to have Ashleigh Ball in our film and work in cooperation with Hasbro Studios. Finalizing production is complete and we await word from state film comission for a $200,000 grant. We hope to continue production as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sounds like things are going pretty well over there. I’m interested in seeing the final product.

Barnard Films Official Website


  • Naahdude

    Wait, WHAT?


  • Anonymous

    I appreciate the effort they’re putting into this, but the fact that this is live-action concerns me… I’ve never really liked real horses…

    And the description just sounds… weird. I dunno.

    • What specifically concerns you?

      • Anonymous

        Nothing *specifically* concerns me. It’s more of a general concern that magical ponies may not work so well in a live-action movie. And I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that my love of MLP does not translate into a love of real equines.

        Again, I’m just being cautious. If you’re able to pull it off though, and make a decent/good film, then more power to you, and I’ll watch it in a second.

  • The whole idea behind this movie is just stupid. We don’t need a live action brony movie.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, I agree… I’m a bit scared that this movie could become the next Brony Pizza Hunt.

      And they’re trying to get Ashleigh Ball in this and work with Hasbro? Oh dear… I feel bad saying this, but I kind of wish this wasn’t being made.

      • Supertide

        I doubt Hasbro or Ashleigh will cooperate.

    • Anonymous

      I second this

  • Supertide

    I like real horses but ponies are nothing like real horses so a live-action movie would be really weird/creepy.
    If I want to see a horse movie I just go and watch War Horse.

  • Present Perfect

    I’ve never heard anything more pie in the sky. Ashleigh Ball, really? I’ll believe it when I see the movie. This proposal sounds entirely unrealistic.

  • Anonymous

    You’re kidding. You’re kidding, right?

  • Yep

    If you actually believe a single thing posted on that site, I have a bridge to sell you.

  • Question: what seems so strange to you by having an animated TV series moved into the live-action world? Could you specify what bothers you? It was done with Transformers with great success.

    • Anonymous

      Transformers did work in live action (well, worked from a technical view) only with the help of *huge* amounts of special effects and CGI. IMHO, that’s the biggest hurdle this film will face. The fact is that real ponies look very, very little like the ponies from the show. I would actually be more optimistic about a film being made where the ponies were all CGI – modeled after the in-show ponies, even if the rest was live action.

      And like it or not, there is a pretty bad stigma against live-action talking animal movies. (For example, see Disney’s Talking Puppies Movie #79)

      So to conclude – this film will have to be made with extreme caution so as not to cross over into “exceedingly cheesy” or worse “exceedingly creepy” territory. If it’s seen as either of those, even if it has an otherwise excellent story and writing and acting, it will not go over well, to put it lightly.

      So, please, if this is a thing that is happening, just be extremely cautious, and try to make a film that will stand on its own merits, not just rely on FiM fans watching it because it’s being targeted towards bronies. It’s possible, but it just seems like it will be extremely hard to pull off.

  • Anonymous

    Not too sure about this movie but I guess I’ll just have to wait for more development before more critical judgment. Highly doubt they’ll get Ashleigh.

  • I’m drowning in speghetti….

    • Anonymous

      Hey DS, is there any way to filter out “Community” news like this article when browsing DHN? It’s getting to be a bit much.

      • Category buttons at the top, unlike some other sites we actually have a good system of flagging what is what.

        And yeah…I’ve taken note that the community posts are growing, and will be dealing with that issue.

        • Anonymous

          Got it, thanks. Those buttons were so small I completely missed ’em.

          • No prob. Going to guess you got a system pushing some mad resolution, remember you can also hit ctrl + scroll wheel forward and zoom in on sites. I’ve seen a few screens of this place on high res, it does come out small.