Mrs. Cake Playful Pony Found on Taobao

This is definitely Mrs. Cake! She has a new eye print, which makes her look like she has puffy cheeks. This is one way to make different pony body types, but it looks odd, as it gives Mrs. cake a “fat face” with a body that looks the same as every other pony.

Her tail is also a spiral curl like her show self. It’s possible that this is “factory curl,” a term used a lot in G1 to denote pre-styled hair that ponies had. G4 hasn’t had any factory curl due to restrictive packaging, but a G4 with it points to slightly higher-quality toys and more unique toys.

The Cakes are slated to have a miniature set with blind bag figures.

No word on when Mrs. Cake will, if ever, reach the market, or if the rest of her family will make an appearance.

[Source: The Round Stable]

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