Music Wrap-Up! #7




This week’s music has been particularly excellent. Follow past the break for some slick pony tunes!

Sim Gretina – To The Mooooon feat. Memj

This tracks strikes a pleasant median between songs that are great for listening and songs that are great for dancing. The bit of vocals give the track an additional depth that really aids the .

Plus, that art is fantastic.

Flamechaser – Zombponies Invade!

This song–just wow! It surprised me with its pace and energy and rather awesome theme. This is really the sort of tune that would best be played live. Can you imagine the fun one would have dancing to this?

TheDashDub – The Crystal Kingdom

There are a surprising number of pony tracks devoted to the Crystal Kingdom, its previous king, and its inhabitants. Of those, this piece is perhaps the most moving. The depth and width of the soundscape is the best part of the track and is most certainly the reason I keep returning to it.

Joaftheloaf – Swing! Tavi Swing!

This song has some of the best pony-music vocals. While the vocals are, by far, the strongest aspect of the piece, the piano accompaniment adds an extra dose of charm. The swing flair is also something that really makes the song pop. Not “pop” like the genre, but like standing out because of awesome. (Also any song featuring best pony is always great!)


And that’s all for me! Be sure to keep sending in suggestions either here or on Lyra Heartstrings, the song you suggest may get featured! As always, keep an eye on throughout the week as your source for slick pony tunes and entertainment!

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