Music Wrap-Up #8

Hello, everyone! I’ve got a bit of catching up to do since I missed last week–but we’ve got an album and a couple big names to make up for it, this time!
Let’s discover some slick pony tunes beneath the break!

Caramel and Dot – Cloudchaser (In My Heart)

Pony music and banjos? Someone had to do it, and they’ve done it well! The vocals are fantastic on this one and definitely warrant a few listens.

Daniel Ingram – Celestia’s Ballad (Laservega remix)

There’s an interesting variety of sounds in this one and while it definitely maintains the feel of the original work, there’s certainly a lot of excellent and novel developments.

Not A Clever Pony – For The New Lunar Republic (Dj Gestap trance remix)

I really enjoy the consistent quality of Dj Gestap’s work. This piece continues Gestap’s run of excellent and catchy beats.

Radiarc – Cynosure

Let’s top this wrap-up off with an album! A completely instrumental preview with some emotional and intense bits, the video you see above is composed of pieces from Radiarc’s most recent album, Cynosure. (You can find the rest of the album here.)

The album is a little slow but takes full advantage of its tempo by creating a large and luscious soundscape. It does, of course, pick up in places and these do add an element of excitement that adds depth to the overall attitude. Some fantastic tracks include “The Land of the Griffons”” and “Encounter on the Express”, though basically every track has something excellent to offer.

Do note that this album is very much like a soundtrack. If soundtracks and instrumentals are your thing (as they are mine), I suggest giving this album, or at least this preview, a go!

And that’s all from me! As always, is your source for pony fanworks. Feel free to submit music to me at or here on Derpy Hooves News with the button to the right. Be sure to keep an eye on the site…we’re going to be expanding soon! Be seeing you, everyone!

  • sailoryue

    Octy looks adorable. guessing vinyl did it for her :D

  • holy moly. radiarc is epic