Music Wrap-Up #9

Hello everyone! What a fine week it’s been! Today we’ve got two techno pieces, a rock instrumental and another album feature. Follow past the break for some slick pony tunes!

Coloriot – Twilight’s New Book

Coloriot is an up-and-coming musician who produces some rather fascinating work. I dig this track of his in particular because the interpretation of the title is an interesting one; the electricity in Twilight’s brain when she gets or reads a new book sounds like the video above. The synths are a bit harsh and the melody is a tad repetitive, but the way the track fills the ears is full and enjoyable.

Claire Ann Carr – Becoming Popular Rock!

This instrumental track really highlights the skillful melody that earned Ingram an Emmy nomination and Carr expands on it well. “Rock” describes this song perfectly; and if you are into things that have the labels “rock” attached to them, you’ll probably dig this tune.

Blaze – Shyness (Element6 Remix)

This is a remix that requires some dancing. The vocals are used well and the beat is pleasurable and chill. I can truly imagine this being played in a jukebox in an Equestrian hangout. My chill levels have gone way way up after listening to this.

TheDashDub – Royal Full EP

And here’s another album feature! I didn’t mean for this to happen, but eh, have another one anyway!

In typical DashDub fashion, ideas have been molded into sound and those sounds constructed into themes. This album pays tribute to the four princesses and has one instrumental track based on each. Here’s my typical instrumental disclaimer: The work is slow, distinct, and soundtrack-esque. It may not be best suited for those who aren’t fond of instrumentals.

I have only one thing I disliked about the album. It is definitely my utterly-subjective opinion that the piano was overused. Something with a tad more originality may be preferably to such a typical instrument; while the piano may be appropriate for say, Celestia’s track, and maybe Twilight’s, but Luna’s could have been made considerably more interesting with, for example, a harpsichord or an organ. Same goes for Cadence’s, though hers warrants a less archaic instrument.

And that’s basically it for what I disliked; here’s what I liked!

The strings in “Rising Sun” are my personal favorite bit and something which really resonates throughout the rest of the work; it genuinely builds interest into both “Crystal Kingdom” and “Destiny”. To be blunt, I was curious to see in what way the songs would differ, considering that both “Rising Sun” and “Luna’s Night” summed up royalty pretty well. Yet “Destiny” and “Crystal Kingdom” do manage to be unique on their own, “Destiny” more so than “Crystal Kingdom.” “Destiny” has a distinctive build-up which really engages the heartstrings in addition to the orchestral strings and will leave you wanting more.

That’s all from me this week! Don’t forget to keep submittin’ and keep commentin’!

And for those of you at EQLA, let us know how the concert went! Did you dance to some slick pony tunes? Which were your favorite? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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