Music Wrap-Up! Music Wrap-Up! #2

Hello everyone!

Here’s Music Wrap-Up #2!

Alright all—before we get to this week’s featured songs, please remember to submit music to our partner site Lyra Heartstrings, using the submit button on the left side there, and you’ll probably see the music you like show up in this list!

zahqo – Two Stars (feat. Haymaker)

Holy hay. Just, wow. I was blown away by the originality and quality of this work. Zahqo’s music with Haymaker’s vocals are incredibly well-done; basically everything about this song is perfect.

Not to mention the lyrics are super-excellent.

TheDashDub – Bedtime Stories

Oh boy. Why is it that the sisterly relationship between Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash always bring up all my feels? Jeez. This brilliant instrumental amplifies all the adorable love. Gotta mention that the art on this is awesome, too!

Stargazers – Final Sundown

A serene, elegant, and somewhat surreal piece that I can’t describe in absolute terms. Certainly one of my recent favorites and an interesting, original and Indie bit of pony tunes. The lyrics alone work some sort of magic:

time is cold and time is fast
all the things I know have come to pass
centuries of ruling have not helped

Sim Gretina feat. Feather – Allons-y (Dev the Robot Remix)

Really lovin’ these vocals. Can’t really go wrong with Feather, can you? This remix amplifies many of the excellent parts about this song.

Is there something you want on this list? Submit it to us! I look forward to seeing all the music you guys have to offer! If you’d like to get more regular updates on some sweet pony tunes, go check out Lyra Heartstrings! That’s it till next week, be seeing you!

  • wow there’s some quality tunes in there. that stargazers track is amazing.