Music Wrap-Up! Music Wrap-Up! #5

Hello everyone! Excellent selection we’ve got this week. Here’s Music Wrap-Up #5! We’ve got some variety with a couple of instrumentals, a remix, and an acoustic piece. As always, follow past the break for some slick pony tunes!


This one managed to slip past my radar, but am I glad I found it! This looks like it’ll be getting a spot on my personal playlist.

Evening Star – To Build An Army

Evening Star just keeps on getting better and better, don’t they? I feel as though every piece just becomes more and more awesome as it goes along.

Evdog – Are You Happy Now [Solar Empire/Lunar Republic]

An interesting bit. I’m not a terribly enthusiastic fan of acoustic, but this man pulls it off. The excellent lyrics also add to this piece’s merit.

Dasha and The Living Tombstone – Good Girl (Nicolas Dominique’s Pills Remix)

“Good Girl” has such an interesting premise that gets expanded upon with every remix, this being one of my favorites.


Until next time, everyone! Don’t forget to submit using the button on the side here at DerpyHoovesNews or on LyraHeartstrings. As usual, your place for music throughout the week–Lyra Heartstrings! Be seeing you!

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